USA: Find the cause of the failure of cloning




As you know, the way in which a child depends largely on the mother — in fact the egg is the source of much of the information and materials from which the embryo is formed. But it appears that the father's role in this process is more complex than scientists thought.

As shown by experiments conducted in the U.S. and the UK, his father's sperm cell transmits not only the egg chromosomes contained in the nucleus, but also other "carriers" of genetic information — the so-called messenger RNA molecules. Scientists have discovered a fertilized egg cells for at least 6 species of mRNA that are not detected in the unfertilized cells. Rather, they are involved in the regulation of the process of dividing the fertilized egg and embryo development, but do not carry information, which will be introduced into the genome of a child.

By the way, according to scientists, it is the existence of such "conventional" media, which are transmitted by sperm may explain the failure of pursuing attempts to clone animals. After the cloning into the egg "built" only the core, respectively, receives necessary for the normal development of non-nuclear factors. Hence, the high probability of failure of cloning.

Battery News, 17.05.2004 12:30

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