USA: Rain and hail

A resident of Franklin County, Virginia, is trying to dig out your car, bombarded by hail.

In the U.S., from the south-west Virginia to South Carolina, although the temperature in the 17-20 ° C above zero, come this winter. However, instead of the snow on the street hail, covered the 13-cm soil layer.

This weather in the region has brought a cold atmospheric front, hit the south-east of the country real ice Rain. It is reported that in some areas of North Carolina Rain by their characteristics were very similar to a tornado.

According to the weather service, the size of hailstones reached 2 cm, and in some places were the size of a baseball. Serious damage to personal property of people living in the area of hail.

Cataclysms 24-25.03.2012

As the air temperature remained high enough, quickly melted hail from abiding water flooded drainage area and some roads.

Hail reached 13 cm in height. Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia.Hail fell asleep terrace house in Davison County, North Carolina.Hail damaged car. Lynchburg, Virginia.

Video: City continued to fall for several minutes. Evington, VA.


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