Very cold came to Cyprus

Very cold came to Cyprus, the air temperature in the capital fell to the level just below zero Celsius, is expected to continue cooling.

The inhabitants of Nicosia on Friday observed a rare phenomenon — snow and rain. And in the Troodos mountain range then difficult situation: the temperature there dropped to minus 6 degrees Celsius. Snow covered mountain passes, and at the peak of Olympus, its thickness reaches 1.8 meters. In this regard, the government closed all roads to the top of the Troodos. The island raging hurricane winds, which led to a storm at sea. Waves overwhelm embankments Larnaca and Limassol.

Bad weather in Cyprus has been going on for several weeks. This is mainly reflected in the decrease in the average annual temperature and heavy precipitation. This led to the fact that six large dams on the island already crowded. According to the weather forecast, the temperature increase will begin on Monday, reports ITAR-TASS.

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