Vibration Earth Day doomsday will survive, not all — scientist

December 10, 2012 19:28

Our publication has repeatedly drawn to the subject of the so-called "end of the world" who "appointed" by 21 December this year.

Explanation of what this day would happen Apocalypse, which will lead to the death of all living things, or, for certain versions, the population of the planet, a variety of sounds — from the overtly mystical to such calculations are backed by certain pseudo-scientific nature. A version of which can be classified as the latter, told Romanian scholar and author of several studies in the field of Biology and Biophysics, winner VI Moscow International Salon of Innovations and Investments Anka Dinke. He claims that it was December 21, 2012 the frequency of vibration of the planet reaches the maximum value to be between 12.4 to 12.6 Hz. This frequency is outside the range of human hearing, which is known to be in the range of 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, but the frequency of such acts on the psycho-emotional state of the people, and can cause a variety of mental disorders, which may be expressed in increased aggressiveness and tendency to suicide.

Therefore, according to the Romanian scientist, a day that is a lot of talk in recent years, can be a day of "the end of the world", will survive, not all, not least because of the above anomalies.

However, the end of the world as such on December 21 of this year will not be, said A. Dinke, and not without humor, adds that the portion of humanity that can "tune in" to the desired frequency, which coincides with the frequency of vibration of the Earth, spiritually enriched and "benefit" from it. Therefore, researchers recommend daily Dec. 21 to meet with a positive attitude, and after work, "relax", and relax with their families. "In doing so, you will find the most beautiful of the Apocalypse" — advises Romanian physicist.

However, according to analysts' News Science "magazine" Market Leader ", not so long ago in the same Romania were detected unusual frescoes in a church near the city of Brasov, which in their story is very similar to the possible scenarios of the Apocalypse, so often discussed at the moment. One of the murals depicts the Sun that his death rays trying to burn the Earth, with a few saints are trying to move the earth, which was immediately associated with the hypothesis of a sharp change of the poles of the planet. According to the findings of scientists, murals can be painted at least 1737, when science was not yet known phenomena such as the change of the poles or solar flare.

Undoubtedly, the subject of December 21 at present continues to be one of the dominant media reports. Its scientists and discuss politics, the arts and the "sharks" of business. For example, not long ago about his faith in the possibility Apocalypse said the head of the Russian government, Dmitry Medvedev, who is confident in the other "end" — the end of the year. However, his fellow citizens do not always share his point of view, because all over the country started selling special kits for this date, which includes the essentials, candles, vodka and bank preserves. Some leaders of the Russian and Ukrainian show business have already thoroughly prepare themselves to try to survive the possible end of the world. For example, a stylist Sergei Zverev going to sit out on December 21 in a special bunker, which was built in Soviet times, has an autonomous security and protects against all external influences, including radiation. Danilko known as VerkaSerdyuchka, said peresidev in the bunker, which, under his own house has equipped his girlfriend — singer Irina Bilyk.

Ambivalent about the possibility of the onset of the Apocalypse have and ordinary Ukrainians. In particular, according to the survey, which was carried out by «Research & BrandingGroup», every third Ukrainian believes that the December 21 end of the world did come, in this case, such a belief is most susceptible to rural residents (40 percent), and residents of the western part of countries (45 percent). Prepare the population by 21 December has affected the value of some specific items, such as in a number of Ukrainian cities significantly increased prices flashlights, batteries and candles.

Rostislav White, "Market Leader"

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