Victims of snowfall in Japan over the past week was 51 people

TOKYO, Feb 1 — RIA Novosti, Yekaterina Plyasunkova.
More than 50 people have been killed during the past week as a result of prolonged snowfall that hit the northern and central parts of Japan, Kyodo news agency reported.

According to data received from the representatives of the Agency Kyodo fire safety and control in emergencies, the majority of the dead, of which as of Tuesday was 51 people — the elderly, aged about 65 years old and older.

We also learned that 42 people died in a fall from the roof of their houses while trying to clear the snow from the roof of the building.

The number of victims in the hundreds. In a hospital in a different injuries — fractures, bruises and sprains, obtained as a result of falls, daily delivered dozens.

The Japan Meteorological Agency predicts that in the coming days, snowfall will continue along the coast of the Sea of Japan. Additionally were warned about heavy snowfalls for the western and north-western areas of the country.

Experts fear that if the rainfall will continue for a long time, this can lead to repeat traffic jams that hit the island of Hokkaido three years ago, due to heavy snowfall closed the largest airport on the island, "Shin-Chitose."


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