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16.11.12.Poryadka 20 million rubles in the next year will be allocated from the regional budget to finance the anti-terrorist measures. A case in point is the creation of the educational institutions in the region — the territory of the so-called security.

To date, the program has already got 15 schools in the region. In the future, that number will increase. What exactly is meant to change the program and how to work Tomsk schools?


Tatiana Conradi, correspondent:
— 55th High School. One illustrative institutions in the city. It has recently been renovated. But, above all else. It pays special attention to security. Security cameras — on each floor and on the perimeter.

Tatiana Choi, Deputy Director of NIS. № 55:
— After repairing the fence at us and there was … different doors … fence. We janitors, alarm button, which operated in the past. Surveillance System, which helps us a lot.

A video surveillance system works in the first year of high school. And there are results.

Tatiana Choi, Deputy Director of NIS. № 55:
— I understand that in your school injuries are fewer fights … disappeared. Sam was a boy, and I know how it is. You are right. We can intervene very quickly. I understand, but the situation was? During the year, a situation that we prevented.

In this example of high school can already get an idea: how it should be equipped and protected school.
— Here's a camera that covers the time and all the territory. And we can see if there is any situation. In the toilets cameras have fixed corridor. And if something happens, we can immediately get involved and help.
— And the problems with smoking are gone now? Neither boys nor girls with smoking problems we have.

Video from all cameras, installed in an educational institution, is delivered to the operator. At school, there is also a panic button. True, it is somewhat different from the static in the conventional sense.

— We have contact with ATC. Therefore, we can enter the code. And come to us. There were cases? Yes. In the past year were. Coming.

Unfortunately, not all schools of the city, and especially the area equipped in this manner. Acceptance of the program and approval of the funding will protect our schools and our children.

Tatiana Choi, Deputy Director of NIS. № 55:
— This is one of the most important programs. And, with the deputies, and with our help. Our school is very much done by legislative Duma. Oleg Shuteev — Chairman of the Board. We have a lot done.

To date, in the general education area has 656 institutions. In which comprehend the basics of science for more than 30 thousand students. The task today is to deputies — possibly Tomsk citizens to make life safer.

Oleg Shuteev, member of the Legislative Duma of Tomsk Region, Chairman of the Rule of Law and Public Safety:
— The program includes how trends. And the video surveillance system. And security doors. And adult learning. First of all managers.

While the program is designed for 3 years, but Oleg Shuteev assured that the committee members will insist on its continuation.

Author: Tatiana Conradi

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