Video-fact. Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii lava pours

In Hawaii, young Kilauea started off huge amounts of lava.

Volcanologists leading monitoring volcano Kilauea, suggest that the current eruption is dangerous both for locals and for tourists.

A large number of tourists rushed to watch the volcano Kilauea. Now it is only the emission of lava, it is if the volcano will be more active on tourism in Hawaii will be forgotten for a long time.

And the likelihood that the volcano to the more active phase of the eruption — is quite high. Estimate the probability of an explosion, and to give more or less accurate prediction of exactly when it happens, is unrealistic because the volcano is very young and the experts simply not available.

Now experts are constantly monitoring the volcano Kilauza Hawaii.

Vulcan Kilauea permanently erupts since 1983.

METEOPROG continues to monitor active volcanoes in the world.

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