Vipers attack near St. Petersburg. Video


9.07.11.Esche two people were attacked vipers — in Tosno district and Priozersk. Affected — the students of the State University Geography Department. In the forest they practice. Both were bitten to the hospital, but is now booked out and continue training.

Classmates of young people, by the way, they say that the snake can be said not to blame. The guys decided to hunt vipers, and they just defended.
This is the third time in the last few days. A week ago, the Emergency Care brought a pregnant woman who was bitten by a viper on the beach in Yukki. The victim developed severe swelling. But doctors still managed to save her and the child she carries.

Be careful in the heat viper very active. If you are going in the country, remember the simple rules that can save your life. The most important thing after the bite — to pull myself together and relax. At the site of the bite should immediately make a small incision and release it through darkened with blood poison.

Immobilize the affected part of the body, but can not impose a tourniquet! You need to drink plenty of hot liquids to remove the load from the kidneys and liver. But the main thing — time to bring the victim to the hospital viper. Not so terrible poison, the most dangerous — an allergic reaction to the bite. This often becomes the cause of death.

Source: STRC "Saint Petersburg"

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