Visitors’ Aqua-Therm Kiev 2012 brought to the exhibition 2000000000 hryvnia

January 18, 2013. Companies and organizations whose representatives visited the exhibition in May "Aqua-Therm Kiev 2012», six months after the events of signed contracts for the purchase of equipment and systems for heating, water supply, ventilation and air-conditioning in the amount of 1,267.4 million to $ 2,159.1 million hryvnia. Meanwhile, 65% of all contracts for the procurement of engineering equipment accounted for the contracts with exhibitors exhibition.

These are the results of the audit buying opportunities of the visitors' Aqua-Therm Kiev 2012 ", conducted by the company" Russian IT Systems "(Moscow) at the request of the exhibition organizer DC" Premier Expo ". Today, January 18, the study was presented to show the largest exhibitors at the round table in Kiev "President-hotel".

"The study clearly showed that" Aqua-Therm "money comes from and a lot of money. Visitors have invested in the purchase of two billion hryvnia. Within six months from 905 to 1310 UAH. Of this amount, it got our members. The contracts per exhibitor is about 1.7 mln.! In my view, these data could not be better confirmed the effectiveness of the exhibition as a platform to establish a mutually beneficial partnership, "- said the head of the" Aqua-Therm Kiev " Elena Kononenko.

We add that the annual market for equipment and technology heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, plumbing and swimming pools in Ukraine today is 7612 mln. (Data analysis agency "Pro-Consulting").

And this means that the four-day exhibition "Aqua-Therm Kiev 2012" in the International Exhibition Center in Kiev was focused from 17% to 28% of effective demand in the sector of engineering systems Ukraine, and more 15% money market were exhibitors.

Audit buying opportunities of the exhibition was held from November 6 to December 3, 2012 using a standardized telephone interview. Were interviewed by representatives of 505 companies and organizations, representing 5.7% of the 8834 legal entities whose employees visited the "Aqua-Therm Kiev 2012" in May of this year. 55.3% of respondents work in Kiev and the region, 44.7% — in other regions of Ukraine.

According to the survey, professional interests Visitors are mainly concentrated in the following areas: installation company (32.3%), a wholesale company (30.9%), Retail (28.5%).

Visitors to the exhibition are considering it as a source of information about new industry and tool for establishing partner relations, as well as a platform for the negotiation of the purchase.

According to the survey, procurement contracts relating to the exhibition "Aqua-Therm Kiev 2012" from mid-May to mid-November concluded 60.2% of its visitors (5318 unique companies), Including 72.7% (3866 Companies) Had contracts with exhibitors on the exhibition. Average amount of contracts signed after the show, was from 238.3 thousand to 406.0 thousand hryvnia. The confidence of this calculation and the evaluation of buying opportunities of the visitors' Aqua-The 14th International Exhibition for Heating, ventilation, air conditioning, water supply, plumbing and pool "Aqua-Therm Kiev 2012" was held in Kyiv from 15 to 18 May 2012. This is the biggest event of the engineering equipment market in Ukraine and neighboring countries. According to an independent audit of UFI, the exhibition was attended by 649 companies, including 266 foreign students from 26 countries. For 4 days at the show recorded 40,964 visits to specialists.

Therm Kiev 2012 "and buyer's performance of the exhibition is 80%.

Respondents were also asked about the current state of affairs in their company. About one-third of the respondents (31.7%) assess the situation as favorable. The turnover of companies for the year increased by the presence of new customers, increase the number of orders, increase the range of goods and the range of services offered. More 32.3% of respondents said stability of the turnover in the company.

At the same time, 26.3% of respondents said that momentum of their companies in the last year were down.
Among these adverse factors — the high level of competition, low purchasing power and lower demand, as well as the unstable economic and political situation in the country.

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