Vladikavkaz in late summer apple blossom. Video


18.08.11. "Only once a year the gardens are blooming" — these words of the famous song of one of the residents of border regions can now challenge Vladikavkaz. On the street the other day Vaso Abaeva apple blossom again.

Young tree not only flowers but also fruits. Amazing and unbelievable was perceived by local residents as a miracle, but experts Meteorological Centre news calmly accepted. It turns out that this is rare, but can be easily explained by science. The fact that the tree, according to residents of the street, has recently been replaced.

Adapting to the new conditions, the apple blossom. In such cases, all living only listens to his own biorhythms, and not the calendar. Scientific approach to the unusual phenomenon residents did not disappoint, they still believe that to him on the street it's a miracle. An apple tree has become a local landmark. Variety of fruits people have not yet determined, but they say that the taste apples have unprecedented richness, quickly mature and can compete in sweetness of honey.

Mary Bibilov: "We bought Jonathan, and we have changed. And we do not want to keep and transplanted here. We have a large garden fruit. Fruit is large, juicy, and this ill in the spring withered, there was one small apple, and so it became a regular flower, so for the past three months. "

Source: STRC "Alania"

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