Volcanoes destroy humanity

Only in the last two weeks there have been three eruptions, but horrible and Katla Uturunku still silent

Scientists around the world have seen a sharp increase in volcanic activity on Earth. Had not yet recovered from all the dreadful eruption of Eyjafjallajokull that caused the most extensive since the Second World War, the closure of airspace over Europe, as it is time to prepare for new surprises.

Only in the last two weeks was told about himself as much as three volcanoes in different parts of the world, and this month the seismic activity was registered in five regions, including the south of Russia. And if in some cases you can get away with slight shock, the two Volcano represent a real threat to humanity.

Not lead to a serious global consequences Ecuador Tungurahua, whose whimsical name translated into Russian as "fiery throat." While he only brings problems to the local population. But do not forget that all live on the same planet, so tons of ash that rose to a height of 4 km, will certainly affect the global climate.

Volcano height 5 km began erupting on November 27 and continues to emit lava flows to the present. They have spread to 1 km at its foot. Ecuadorian authorities are in no hurry to evacuate residents, as geologists, watching the eruption, predicted his imminent ending.

Last night, the signals of danger came from Indonesia. There Mount Gamalama height of 1 km 715 m, which forms the entire island of Ternate, suddenly burst into lava, thrown with the ashes of 2 km into the air. There were no casualties, but panic, this event caused a fair amount. Had to close the local airport as the ash significantly reduced visibility. Indonesian population with terror awaits, will continue.

Scary is not a separate volcano itself. Each will act, so to speak, on its territory, but together they can make a disaster of global proportions.

The most dismal predictions have been linked to the newly awakened volcano that December 2 is showing signs of life. He threatens Europe serious disasters. Giant Katla, which is hidden in the thick of one of the largest glacier in Iceland, will easily eclipse the achievements of his compatriot infamous Eyjafjallajokull. Lost tickets and failed holiday — just a few of those ills that can catch people.

Diameter crater Katla is 10 km, so its eruption could cause major flooding, melt the ice, causing hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of water will rush into the Atlantic, sweeping away everything in its path.

Amount of ash in the air is several times higher than its concentration in March last year. Ashen cloud becomes so dense that the sun's rays are reflected, which is why the planet will overtake cooling. Toxic properties of acrid smoke and can not speak — within a few kilometers of all life extinct.

But here is what scares most. Now geologists say that the eruption of Katla is imminent. A month earlier, scientists acknowledge the substantial Bolivian Uturunku which inevitably rapidly accumulating magma, and so, too, will soon explode. And the forecast for now is not encouraging.

Ash and sulfur gases emissions can reach the stratosphere and, like a blanket, cover the globe. Then the sun will no longer penetrate into the atmosphere, leading to a decrease in temperature. Gases are converted into sulfuric acid, which will fall to Earth along with precipitation. A similar effect can cause a hypothetical nuclear winter.

Scary to imagine what awaits humanity if both the volcano will erupt simultaneously.

Source: http://www.utro.ru/articles/2011/12/05/1014996.shtml

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