Volgograd region again shaken mysterious tremors


6.02.12.V Editor IA "Height 102" again, as October 2010, periodically since late January of this year began to receive reports from residents Gorodishchenskoye, Kalachevskyi areas of mysterious tremors.

Their concern about the unexplained events shared with the news agency and the citizens Dzerzhinsky Traktorozavodskogo and Dzerzhinsky district of Volgograd. Experts believe that the cause of these phenomena — the destruction of ammunition with expired landfill Prudboy, 60 km from the regional center.
As it became known IA "Height 102", in the Volgograd Region Administration also do not exclude that the effect of the earthquake — nothing but the result of the explosion at Prudboe ammunition and explosives to be destroyed within the target federal program.

In mid-January came to Volgograd Deputy Commander of the Southern Military District, in a meeting with the management of the plan was agreed upon disposal. In particular, it was agreed that a single disruption will be destroyed only about 500 kg of explosives, so as not to cause concern people.

Given that the complaints of people on continuing aftershocks of unknown origin, the regional administration decided to turn to the military prosecutor of the Volgograd garrison with a request to execute a plan for the elimination of ammunition with expired storage, including reducing power to undermine a ton up to 500 kg of TNT.

Meanwhile, to reduce tension and anxiety in the population due to the tremors, it is appropriate to inform the citizens and residents of the area about the schedule of planned explosions.

Source: IA "Height 102"

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