Volyn be left without fish


2.02.11.Nyneshnee flooding in Volyn threatens destruction of fish as floods came in the middle of winter. This was told by a leading ichthyologist main government protection, use and restoration of aquatic resources and the regulation of fishing in the Volyn region, Alexander Klymnyuk

According ichthyologist, during floods, when the water table rises, along with the level rises and surface water — rivers, lakes, and reservoirs. Of water enters the floodplain. Also increases the temperature of the water, so that the fish rises from hibernation pits and goes on migration. That is, it gets a temperature stress, which is already under way to spawn.
This is especially such early-spawning fish like pike, perch. They just go in the shallow sections.

But due to the cold snap ponds are covered with ice, reduced oxygen levels, dramatically reduced the level of ground water and this can lead to fish kills.
Death of fish as a result of flooding in the area in previous years were not. It's the first time that the middle of winter is high rise in water level. Fish must now spend the winter.

However, the track has already started a fish migration impossible. As Alexander Klymnyuk, now in the rivers and lakes of the fauna is depleted, ie reproduction is very low and noted a mass movement of fish is almost impossible, except a few cases.




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