Want to know when the next end of the world?

Relaxed from the past December 21, 2012 and think that we have no more to lose? I personally think so, but many people still continue to search for users: when the next end of the world? It is for these people publish an article with a list of possible disasters on the planet predicted by well-known personalities, in which all life can be lost …

So. begin.

2013 — Ragnarok and Sunny Apocalypse

Ragnarok in Norse mythology — the death of the gods and the world will follow the final battle between the gods and the chthonic monsters.

According to the prophecy, the day of Ragnarok monstrous wolf Fenrir will swallow the sun, plunging the world into darkness, and the sea will come from the banks when the world will emerge from the depths of the serpent Jormungand. They will join and fire giant Surt with a flaming sword, which will burn the earth, and the underworld Lady Hel, and treacherous god Loki with the frost giants — hrimtusami and mountainous giants. Helheim sails of the ship of dead Naglfar. Army of the sons of Múspellzheimr jumps over the bridge Bifrost, which then collapses.

But over the world followed the death of his renaissance survive and settle in the place where before there was a valley Idavoll (center of Asgard) Sons of Odin — Vidar and Vali, the sons of Thor — Magni and Modi, who inherit a hammer Mjolnir. Come back from the dead and reconciled among themselves Balder and his killer — blind god Head. Survive, hidden in a grove of Hoddmimir and two men — and Liv Livtrasir, which again will give rise to the human race.

Back in August 2012 Professor Mike Hapgood, who chairs the Expert Group on Space Environment (SEIEG) and advises the government on space weather, issued an official statement that the solar storm generated by flares on the sun, can disable the national grid and a global positioning system . Government adviser demanded to take measures to "save the Earth" from the ravages of solar storms, which are expected to turn off the national grid in the United States in 2013. It is expected that the state power grid and the U.S. GPS will disappear when the energy of sunlight to reach the explosion of the planet.

Professor Hapgood, a graduate of Oxford, warned: "A large magnetic storm can pass through the Earth's crust, passing an electric current through the aluminum or copper conductors of state power system, which could lead to a blackout throughout the country," Interaction with the Earth's atmosphere can affect radio signals, GPS will not work all modes of transport, including aircraft, dependent on GPS, and if the system suddenly collapses, the consequences can be deadly. "

In 2009, a report by a group of researchers funded by NASA, claimed that such storms will lead to "a catastrophe on a planetary scale." The storm left half the United States without electricity in less than 90 seconds, coal is over 30 days and the country will need a decade to recover. Financial losses at such an outcome are estimated at 1.5 trillion pounds — and that's just for the first year.

2014 — Cloud of sowing chaos

According to astronomers, the Earth approaching cloud of dust that erases everything in its path. It came from a black hole — a distance of 28,000 light-years from Earth. Astronomers are watching for a celestial body, they say that they have discovered a strange bunch, which has been dubbed "sowing chaos cloud" — it destroys everything in its path: comets, asteroids, planets and stars. Now he is headed toward Earth.

The space object, which extends to 10 million miles, was discovered by NASA Chandra Observatory in April of this year and, according to scientists, refers to the category of "acid mist". As expected, the mysterious cloud reaches Earth in 2014. The only positive news about this discovery is that, thanks to him are confirmed by a number of previously expressed in physics assumptions. "The bad news — is that the complete destruction of our solar system inevitably" — said Albert Shervinsky, an astrophysicist at the University of Cambridge.

According Shervinsky, information about an approaching threat is kept secret, and NASA, trying to avoid panic, do not hurry to reveal his discovery. In this case, an astrophysicist convinced that, if the cloud did not swerve from its trajectory, that our galaxy is reduced to its former size, ie to its original state of birth of the universe.

2015 — End of 9576-year cycle

In the early 90-ies of the last century, Professor at the National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" Nikolay Chmykhov (1953-1994) made a theory that the natural and social upheavals in the world are caused by cosmic phenomena, in particular the crisis in the relative position of planets.

Using advanced data archeology, history, astronomy, geophysics, ethnography, and many other sciences, he actually laid the foundation for a new ideological concepts — kosmoarheologicheskoy.

All of this happens through heavy mezhepohalnye natural shocks: floods, fires, tilt of Earth's axis, and people — through wars, invasions, mutual destruction, etc.

2015, which accounts for as much as three fracture — 1596 -, 7980 — and 9576 — year cycles (and many smaller ones, are members of these large and significant cycles) should mark the beginning of a qualitatively new era as the life space of the body of the planet Earth and the existence of the human community.

2016 — The Flood

Director of the Institute for Space Studies at NASA's James Hansen in 1988 for the first time stated on the impact of human activity on the growth temperature of the planetary atmosphere. This required considerable courage.

Recently in Washington speaking to reporters, Hansen said that the world has long crossed the dangerous edge to the emission of greenhouse gases:

"We have reached a point where the emergency has acquired planetary masshtaby.My very close to a tipping point in all of the world's climate system. If we miss it, it will begin large-scale systemic change, and the process is out of control. We have come to a point of non-return, and for the summer season, we may lose the entire Arctic ice cover. This will happen because of a violation of the energy balance of the planet, "- says Hansen.

According to him, in 2016, the Arctic ice will completely melt away in one summer season, which will lead to the flooding of vast areas.

2017 — The death of the world according to the prophecy of St. Matrona

In conversations with their loved ones Matrona said, "How do I feel sorry for you, live to see the end times. Life is getting worse and worse. Grievous. There will come a time when you put in front of the cross and bread and say — your choice! "Mother Matrona always surrounded by people of faith, they knew that they choose — of course the cross. But they asked Mother Matrona — and how we will live without food? Matrona said, "And we pray, we take zemelku, roll balls, let us pray to God, that we may eat and be fed!"

My mother said — "The people under hypnosis, not himself, terrible force dwells in the air, gets everywhere, before the swamps and dense forests are habitats of this force, as people go to temples and houses were cross were protected images, oil lamps, and sanctification, and demons flew by such houses, and now populated by demons and people unbelief and rejection of God.

And, apparently the last times my mother said so: War will not all die without a war, there will be many victims, all the dead will lie on the ground. In the evening, everything will be on the ground and rise up in the morning — everything goes into the ground. Without war, the war is coming! "

2018-2019 year — Nuclear and biological warfare

This is the prediction of the astrologer Michel Nostradamus. Quatrain 41 Centuries II.

"Seven days will boil big star.
She rises from a cloud, the sun will be split in two.
A large dog will howl in the night
When the pope will replace the residence "

According to the prophecies of Nostradamus is threatening famine of this magnitude, that many will be forced to eat wild roots, and some even become cannibals. We threaten war with the use of chemical, bacteriological and nuclear weapons, as well as the worst inflation has ever known to mankind. We will suffer from the economic and social impact of religious conflicts unleashed by fanatics. In other words, the coming era of monstrous terror and endless fear.

However, not all that bad, as the same Nostradamus predicted the disaster in the years to come, he believed, however, that after a long period after such suffering humanity will live happily and travel in interstellar space.

2060 — The Apocalypse according to Newton

The manuscript of the great physicist Isaac Newton with a terrible prophecy was represented at the exhibition, which opened at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Newton — the father of classical physics, the man who developed the differential and integral calculus, built the first reflecting telescope.

The exhibition entitled "Newton's Secrets" can be seen the manuscript, which is derived specific date for the end of the world — in 2060. It is known that the great physicist defined it, deciphering the Bible. On it took him nearly 50 years.

The fact that Newton have the exact date of Armageddon, the experts found out at the end of 2002, when the manuscript was found with records. He, in turn, for many years was kept in the Jewish National Library in Jerusalem among the sheets unparsed archive of the author's law of universal gravitation.



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