Warming will bring Europe next cataclysm

After an unusually warm winter, the first half of Europe into a deep freeze. Steady cold already resulted in hundreds of deaths and colds tens of thousands. In some countries in the past few days were marked by record low temperatures that reached almost to -40 º C. Cold air mass prevailing over Europe, caught by his influence and North Africa. In Libya and Algeria established not specific to these countries winter conditions.

The most affected countries in Eastern Europe and the Balkans, where the cases of power outages and disruptions of fuel supplies. With such cold weather, often hard for people to heat their homes. Because of the extraordinary amount of snow fell, a number of communities located in the mountains, cut off from the outside world. Europeans were looking forward to warming, utilities officials warn that such warming after frost and snow threatens even greater calamity than themselves frosts and snowfalls. Experts warn of the disastrous floods that are waiting for the cities of Europe, as the snow melts. Pose an even greater danger congestion on the rivers. If blocks of ice blocked the way for the withdrawal of the melt water, it will rain down on the streets. This danger is especially great for those who live on the banks of the Danube. The authorities have already taken steps, blowing ice on this and other waterways of Europe.

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