Water stop economic growth in China

Water problem has become one of the main barriers to the sustainable development of China. Deputy Minister of Water Resources Hu Syi believes that the water issue, despite the country's achievements in the development, utilization, protection and management of water resources in recent years, has become one of the main barriers to the sustainable development of China.

Speaking in Beijing on the eve of the premiere of the animated film on the theme of water conservation, the deputy minister said that the country is extremely acute shortage of water resources, water pollution and degradation of aquatic ecosystems, which have become major constraints to sustainable socio-economic development. As he recalled in China per capita is 2100 cubic meters of water, which is only 28 percent of the world average, while on arable land this figure rises to 40 percent. Water shortages have two-thirds of Chinese cities and in the country of about 300 million people lack access to safe drinking water.

At the same time, the country has not yet escaped from the extensive use of water ways — efficiency of irrigation water use in the fields of only 0.5, seriously lagging behind the advanced world level / 0.7-0.8 /. At the same time, said the deputy head of Ministry of Water Resources, in many areas there is too much greater than the potential of water resources, leading to a number of serious environmental problems, the IA "Kazakh-grain."

Hu Syi warned that as the process of industrialization and urbanization in the country, the water problem will take even more acute.Source: the-day-x.ru

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