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"Provincial Reporter", 07.04.2004, Lipetsk, n14

Author: Nick Krajewski, Chaplygin

_ * In the last issue of "PR" we published a picture of our readers, which was accidentally captured an unidentified object. A day after the release of the editor of the newspaper called Chaplygin already resident Nicholas Polukarov and told about the abnormality, seen with my own eyes. * _

The evening of 30 March, he returned to his old motorcycle "IZ" from the village of Urusovo in Chaplygin. And suddenly, the village Toptykovo (time was about nine in the evening) directly over the railway running off the road, he saw the sky glowing red cloud.

— By my standards — shared with the "ol 'Nikolai seen — it was a few tight circle with a diameter of 50 meters. And in color, reminiscent of the red-hot on an electric nichrome spiral, it contrasted sharply with the stellar sky white. I still have in my head flashed the thought: maybe circuit which arose in the contact wires of the railway line … But as we move forward, I saw that the "circle" as it crumbled into small points of light rays. And here I must confess, was not alone …

After some time, according to an eyewitness, "burning" the cloud disappeared, but soon came again far ahead on the road, if landed.

— Then again, I thought — continues to tell Nicholas Polukarov — that the roadside grass caught fire or car accident occurred involving fire. But having driven more kilometers of five or six, was surprised to find that the "fire" is no more.

Towards the rider, were at a loss, was driving Kamaz. Our hero stopped the driver and asked, if he had seen anything suspicious in the sky?

— Yes, I saw a bright glow — Kamaz driver said — but just did not understand where it came from.

Over its 55-year life, according to Nikolai Alexeyevich, this is the third time when he witnesses the "flying saucers", and it was over territory Chaplyginsky district. The first time — in the eighties of the city itself Chaplygin, in the second — near the village Shishkino in 1991 and now, near the village of Toptykovo.
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