Weather and climate are forcing residents in full force to leave the country

Hardly notice the increase in sea level in millimeters when you live on the mainland. Another thing — the smallest state, located on the tiny island in the middle of shallow ocean.

The leader of the island nation of Kiribati, located in the south-east of the Pacific Ocean, has expressed extreme concern about water levels. According to the President Anote Tong, global warming makes the island of Kiribati uninhabitable. Knowing disappointing forecasts of climate scientists, people do not associate their future with a country that is gradually disappearing from the map. In addition, advancing, the salt water makes less potable fresh water from underground sources of the island.

President of Kiribati made a sensational statement. He invited all the people of the country to move to a nearby island nation of Fiji, located much higher above sea level. Anote Tong told the Associated Press that his cabinet had already approved the purchase plan on the main island of Fiji 6000 hectares of land. The president said that this is the only way to keep the state of Kiribati and secure the future for 103 thousand of its citizens. If the president's plans Tonga are implemented, it will create the first precedent in human history, when the population of a country in full move to another country.

The Government of Fiji, located 1,400 kilometers south of Kiribati, so far they have not responded to the statements of neighbors.


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