Weather in December in Belarus seriously deviated from the norm

Weather in Belarus in December seriously deviated from the norm, said at a news conference in Minsk, the Belarusian head of the Climate National Hydrometeorological Elena Komorowski.

In particular, she said, for a specified period of time the temperature was 5.3 grudusa above normal. As a result, the country still does not have the snow cover, but usually it was formed in November. And in general, she said, the year 2011 in the country was abnormally warm.

'"During the year, in most months (11 of 12), the air temperature exceeds normal. Positive air temperature anomalies observed in January, withheld from March to December," — noted, in particular, the representative Belgidrometa.

In addition, she said, last year in Belarus fell very little rainfall, and in November it has not held up to 30% of historical averages.


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