Weather Report from Europe with alternate negative records

Extreme cold, snow seems to have settled in Europe for a long time. And even in places where similar happened only a few times a century.

Icy landscape near Lake Geneva in Switzerland unwittingly refer to certain personnel apocalyptic Hollywood movie about the end of the world. Anomalous cold and snow tie up the entire European continent.

For the first time in recent decades have become freeze Venetian canals. Something like that seen here 80 years ago, when the frozen lagoon could be walking. Roman Colosseum, Paris Notre Dame — tourists, shivering from the cold, rushing to capture interest in unusual snowy scenery. And really, when else can you see this snowman St. Peter's Square at the Vatican.

European forecasters barely have time to register a new record with a minus sign. In Germany, almost 30 degrees of frost — a temperature at least not resist for the third time this winter. For the Germans, such as frost incredible surprise, as for the Spanish wall of snow. But if in the Pyrenees to take this opportunity to play in the snow and having fun, then the element in the Balkans has led to serious consequences. In some regions, declared a state of emergency. Government offices are closed, and the pupils poisoned unplanned vacation. Tens of thousands of people remain cut off from the outside world.

"Some families are already the third day could not get out of their own homes. Rescuers are puzzled as to clear away rubble and snow to get to it. Many people are running food," — says a local resident.

Russian winter in Europe turned to the Old World big traffic jams: traffic jams and accidents on the roads, disruptions in the movement of trains, the cancellation of flights and lonely snowman on empty bus stops.

In Croatia and does a local store has to go on horseback.

"I have no choice. Need to buy milk for my child. A drive or walk through the snow to get will not work" — says a local resident.

According to forecasters, the cold air mass formed in the middle latitudes of Eurasia and move westward into Europe and Central Russia. Therefore, before a new wave of cold weather.

In the European part of Russia, the temperature will go down tomorrow. The thermometer at night will show up to 29 degrees below zero. In the daytime will be warmer, but by the end of the week in Moscow for the day promise to 22 below zero, and then — warming.

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