What are the places of power, and how do they work?

March 25, 2012 8:49

The term "power spots" appeared in the books of the writer anthropologist Carlos Castaneda.

"Places of Power" — a geographic area, sometimes large, sometimes small, have significance for human energy fields. "Place of Power" (in English. "Place of Power") is associated with increased energy, the special atmosphere of the area. It is in these "strong" local temples, monasteries, churches, and they were called — holy (sacred places, "sacred" from Lat. Sacri — sacred). In places there are various forces often anomalous phenomena associated with the release of energy from the Earth.

Energy power spots may have beneficial effects on people. The impact on the people visiting these sites, promotes personal development, creating a burst of energy, inspire and heal. In these cherished places people not only feel the energy recovery, but also gets a lot of unusual experiences. People who have infertility, severe illness, especially visiting places in the hope of getting rid of their ailments. Each place has an amazing strength and unique beauty. But do not neglect the excessive visiting different places, because many of them may also have the opposite effect, contribute to deterioration of health, cause fear, panic, and even lead to death. It is "bad" or negative space power. "Negative" places of power can also be a beneficial effect on some people, "taking away" the negative energy in man.

In the places of power are often held various meditation practices, visiting yoga, forums and conferences on rehabilitation. Each person has a place dear to him, causing a happy, good memories (forest edge, the high bank of the river near the road, clearing the three oak trees, the top of the hill …), can be called a "place of power" — "positive information label."

Places of power can be classified into:

— Its effect on living organisms, energy;

— The degree of impact on the living organisms;

— Surface area of the force;

— Significance in the energy-exchange Earth

— The degree of information transmission from space (eg, Mount Shasta is an information "portal") …

There are places of power strictly individual for each person.

Determine the place of psychic powers can (including individually for the person). Find a place of power (energy perturbation) by using the Dowsing (or dowsing dauzinga, Eng. Dowsing).

When a person identifies with the framework of the "bad" or "good" place in his room, he finds the most bizarre places in his room, but the power of small. Most of this thread, no more. If you try, you can find places in your area, city, area. That is, we are dealing with the poles. The more powerful ("bad" or "good"), a place of power, the more energy passes through it. That is the place of power and harness the energy that passes through it, spreading its influence to a certain area and is supervised (controlled) of a larger (strong, strange) places of power. Immediately raises the question, first go to these energies, and secondly, as a place of power are formed and whether they can form. All this does not clear up until not going to consider the planet as an organism with its bio-energy, meridians and centers of consciousness. Places of power are these most external flows (site navigation, time shifts), centers of consciousness of the planet (space fluctuations of consciousness of the planet — the Sephira, a place of passage arcana or qualities of the planet), the centers of consciousness that territory or egregor (Mecca, Golgotha).

Power points in geophysical anomalies, ground cracks, flows coming from the acceleration or deceleration, whirlpools. Place of power is also artificial or man-made, such as the ascetic with a high level of personal strength and long living in one place, this place is changing, and in this place there is fluctuation, bearing the stamp of his personality and qualities. Tried and tested by generations of magicians places are valued less powerful natural places of power.

There are 10 major bioenergy structures defined by "earthly" influences (Earthly Branches), and 12 structures defined "heavenly" cosmic influences (Celestial branch). Their combination gives 120 basic types of human bioenergy, 120 forms of its physical existence.

In the analysis of the deeper structures of human bioenergetic 120 forms of existence can be successively reduced to 60 sensuous forms, to 12 astral forms, to four mental forms and forms for 2 reasons. According to this prosperous seat can be individual for each of the 120 people (net of 1st order) for each of the 60 persons (net of order 2), for each of the 12 people (net of order 3), for each 4 people (grid 4th-order), and for each of the two people (net of order 5).

Seat of the 4th and 5th orders correspond to the so-called places of power, carrying power and death unknown.

On Earth, many mysterious place full of mysteries and covered with a thick layer of "dust of history." Who has not heard of the Mesa (English Table Mountain; afrikans. Tafelberg) in Africa (near Cape Town), on Mount Shasta (Mount Shasta; USA, California), Glastonbury (Glastonbury) in England, the place of Carnac (Carnac) in France , of Mount Kailash (Tibet) and the pyramids of Giza … Not a few places of power we have in Russia, located in the Altai Mountains, the North Caucasus, the Ural Mountains, Siberia and other regions of the country. Places of power are beautiful and original — mountains, canyons, islands, parks, springs, dolmens, sanctuaries. Each of them has its own myths and beliefs that tell about the history and the miraculous properties of these places. These famous places of power attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists a year, pilgrims, people walking on the path of perfection, clairvoyants, contactees, healers, psychics, Space Energy …

They are all in knots "Crystalline Grid Earth." Because the Earth is constantly evolving, developing — crystal lattice, the Earth's magnetic field is shifted, then the seats of power are not "live forever" — or move, or "decay", or there are new places of power. For example, Stonehenge (Stonehenge) in Britain is no longer a place of power, while in ancient times there flocked wounded and sick, hungry for the healing of their ailments. By the way, initially Stonehenge was ever a place of burial, and remained so until the middle of the third millennium BC. Mount Shasta, in contrast, is a relatively new strong point of strength.

Places of power can be found on the surface of the earth and under the earth, at the bottom of ponds.

In the places of power can often find various buildings, built at different times — energy hubs. For example, the mantra wheels, dolmens, stupas (Buddhist architecture), the chapel, the White Sea megalithic sites, etc.

Methods for determining the places of power

In natural religion much space is given to commemorate the spirits of nature — rivers, lakes, springs, natural phenomena. Different people, these forces have different views — from the anthropomorphic (ancient Greece) to the nameless spirits Kami (Japan). For Rodnoverie alive is all. Roadside stone, tree, river, distant star. "The soul of things," as the Japanese say, a person feels intuitively. Feel so alive in the "dead-looking" is difficult, but possible.

Sense of "wildlife" is preserved in folk memory. In Hutsul songs magician tells the woman, whose son disappeared without a trace, "Take the woman, in a handful of sand, and scatter it on the stone. As the stone sand rises, then your son will come from the war. "

The strength of a mother's love awakens the "live" in the sand and stone — sand sprouted grass.

Each tree has its own name:

Poplar — a beautiful girl or woman (the dawn of poplar was);

willow — sad woman (oh willow, willow, where are you growing that leaves your water claimed);

Viburnum — the bride;

cherry or apple tree — a symbol of ephemeral beauty;

rowan — Indestructible (immortality, invulnerability);

The oak is a tree Perunova. In ancient times was considered a sacred oak tree, which grew on the intersection of three roads, or near the source. Acorns from oak was the best of the talisman for the boys. It is in the oak groves were places for glorifying God in time of war. The combination of power sources of water, trees, rocks, and the environment is often a so-called "places of power" — natural energy batteries.

Place of power can be found on such grounds:

1. Hill

Ancestors of long ago put their sanctuaries "in the mountains." Natural upland best attracts force Sons of Heaven. Perunova hill attracts lightning, Dazhdbozhi rays and force Stribog. The ideal of a hill to be seen the water — Dana. But the lowlands often accumulate because madder — dead water. Therefore, in the lowlands, especially wet, dangerous to be too long. Man possessed drowsiness and indifference, and, strange as it seems — the desire to come back, or sit here longer. Humid lowlands is a kind of energy "vampire" because ancestors escaped to settle in the valleys and ravines.

2. Bend of the River.

At the bend of the river you can feel the force of a sharp drop — from complete rest to push. The difference of energy pressure coached the human psyche, and therefore bend attracts strong and active individuals.

3. Natural emergence of rock

Granite rocks, boulders, and the like. Particularly strong are the natural stone circles within which lost track of time. High banks of the river of stone, and especially — the stone ledges are great storage power (Great example — on the Black Rock. Khortytsya, where, despite the urban environment, the feeling of flying over the abyss and tidal forces).

4. Ancient stone sanctuary, created by people.

Most often, these stones laid in a circle or spiral, which symbolizes infinity. Feeling in these places depend on the general mental and physical state of the person.

Stay in such places at all times, helping people to know themselves. Not least because it provided a sense of merging with spirit guards our world.

Working with places of power away

— Planet Earth — a living creature with a mind of another order, in relation to man. As a living being, it has the energy structure (like meridians and hotspots in humans).

— Places of power — the same active points.

Consequently, working with places of power, we are working with a sense of a different order, which allows us to move more quickly by typing directly in contact quality consciousness.

What good and dangerous work places of power? The fact is that by working with them, we deal with the energy of the system and the shift of the object within the system. Change or not to change our minds — no matter the shift of the object happen anyway. Work from the force through photos or virtually, we are working with his consciousness, and there is significant how conscious you have.

The impact of power points on the mind and the object itself is different.

Working with output in the subtle body.

In the field strength can be more snap than the usual outlets. Attention is drawn to the peak energy in the cocoon and the external source of energy, which is the seat of power. It is important, it is the only place pipe (channel) or the node to which approach these channels. When projected to the area next to the canal you will blow away, but close to tying the knot is stronger. In any case, a lead will be stronger than if you were projected at the usual place. Different settings are stones from places of power (there must be formed, and not be brought or pritaschennymi glaciers).

In the structure of the stones have the option to force. You can tune in on the picture, well you can tune in to a piece of wood from a place of power.

The principle of projection "in parts"

— Stage engagement. We need to establish the link point outward. Ends when there is a strong feeling of the place. It looks like a part of you throwing energy pulse. Allocate part of yourself and throw. Allocates and toss. Channel is formed to place and over time formed a rotating spherical structure, which forms the anchor. It is better to use the energy of the sexual chakra.

— Transfer of consciousness to the point of engagement. When there was a strong feeling that point, we begin to throw back more and more energy the higher chakras, then move back part of the consciousness with the pulse energy. Consciousness starts to rush through the channel is there, then here. Strengthen the flow of energy and consciousness slowly pour into the point of engagement. There is one subtlety related to the energy of the inventory. To do this, we take the energy chakras and find in ourselves all that resonates with it (like the throwing and catching of a certain range of energies, feelings, events, and network quality), and then throw it to the place of projection. If we are thrown, then there is the sense of the tilting of the cocoon, and then increases the quality of vision, sensation, thinking …

— Seal of the subtle body. Next you need to hang in place for some time, which will need to focus all energies at linking consciousness. In this case, first the feeling of a certain vibrating jelly, absorb the energy. Next, begin to appear senses, sight, smell, and touch. It came astral body.

— Travel. At your discretion.

— Rear Projection. It is important that all the parts have been drawn back, otherwise it will be a constant drain of energy, leading to a reluctance to live and silent departure from this world in a box.

2. Dealing with the loss of fixation.

Each seat carries a certain energy range. Tuning in to different places with diverse energy, we reduce our attention span. But we really have to catch for each seat (conduct energy). In this work a possible state of fixation on the element of air, when several forces, superimposed on each other, show some integrated total force, cling consciousness.

3. Working with fixation.

Constantly tuning in to one place of power, we are strengthening the fixation of these energies. Continuing to focus on something hard enough, so the magicians use talismans and amulets.

4. Amulets and talismans.

Create a channel energy from places of power, this energy can charge the talisman or amulet. When you exit the body you get that channel. Talisman easier to create, using stone from the place of power and molten metal. While using silver — to drag himself, gold or bronze — give this power away. Amulets are made of wax or paper, rags … (Just charge them to a place of power, or leave it for a while.) Mascots create a permanent channel to the place of power, the more strange places of power in relation to the location of the mascot, the more it works.

5. Channels or passages.

If the energy is flowing, it should leak somewhere. While before, where you come, you'll feel a channel or a constant flow of energy.

6. Where to work?

If you are running out of the body, then here are four rules:

— The maximum concentration of on-site power.

— Loss of fixation in the place where you project.

— Complete relaxation of the physical body.

— Develop a sense of the movement of energy within.

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