What did the Lord warns us?




Sergey Plotnikov

In life, a lot of miracles, no doubt about it. Some of these natural science finds explanations, debunks some as the focus, and there are miracles, to whom even the pundits reverently bow their heads. One of them — the weeping icons. The phenomenon where the tomb of the saint, icon or crucifix began to exude fragrant liquid — world, is known for a long time. A few years ago it was considered a rare mirotochenie icons and menacing sign from above, awe-inspiring generations of people. But now, this very moment, thousands of icons weep simultaneously in hundreds of Orthodox churches in Russia and abroad.

Common "weeping saints" began in the mid-90s of the last century with sporadic cases mirotocheniya images, but by 1999 it was bought by such a scale that the clergy were forced to establish a special Commission on the description of the miraculous taking place in the Russian Orthodox Church. The commission includes both theologians and scholars is atheistic Profile — physics and chemistry. Preliminary findings of the commission (which is preliminary, since the shaft ecclesiastical miracles growing rapidly) are as follows: there is something unprecedented in the history of Russia, and perhaps in the whole two thousand years of church history.

Miro — wooden oil with red wine and spices, is used in Christian ceremonies. According to tradition, ceremony chrism is set by the apostles. Main components — oil and wine — poured into the boiler and cook over low heat. At the end of the thickened mixture is added to incense, myrrh obtained poured consecrated vessels, seal and send the dioceses. Miro is stored in the altars on the throne, the church is used for the sacraments of anointing of Christians after baptism, at the coronation, and at the dedication of Thrones temples. So, the "heavenly" world nothing to do with the church and has not called so only by analogy: it is oily, with a strong smell — usually roses or lilacs. However, this is not a rule — the "heavenly" world can not smell anything. And it differs in chemical composition.

If previously it was thought that the "right" mirotochit have only old, namolennye icons, but now it has absolutely no value. Today mirotochit metal can and salary, and the glass surface of Kyoto, and reproductions, and photographs, and photocopies. Repeatedly weeping icons managed to shoot on film or video camera. Here are just a few examples that can describe the scale of the events.

Near Orenburg, at St. Nicholas Church in the village Lower Pavlivka is already five myrrh-streaming icon. The first "cry" Tabynsk icon of the Mother of God. There has been a phenomenon in the holy keys Bashkortostan, where the icon of the pilgrimage parishioners, and it is recorded in the annals of the local monastery.

— On the mountain during the Divine Liturgy, a bright ray of the sun fell on Virgin, — says Anatoly rector Fr. — And she began to stream myrrh. Icon literally bled, one "tear" flowed from the right hand of the Savior, the other — with the right shoulder of the Virgin, and the third appeared at the bottom. Icon streamed myrrh all day, we substituted it saucers, put cotton wool. When wool soaked oily liquid, dividing it into small pieces and distributed to believers.

Then zamirotochili Mother of God "Inexhaustible Chalice" and Vladimir. "Inexhaustible Chalice" — personal icon father Anatoly. But as in the village of too many people suffering from alcoholism, he often brings her to the temple. Then cried Minsk icon of the Mother of God, and her image Tikhon Zadonskiy miracle worker. By the way, usually by Tikhon requested to solve some problems of everyday life, and it helps in getting a job. All the icons in mirotocheniya fragrance differently. Icon of the Mother of God Tabynsk smells like roses, Tikhon Zadonskiy exudes a sweet smell like candy or cake. Minsk smells of pine forest.

On the opening day of the orphanage in the village of Rainbow under Vladimir its pupils received a gift from the Archbishop of Vladimir and Suzdal Eulogy — icon of the Blessed Matrona. After three days allocated global icon. Thin, unusual odor, as it turned out later, felt by all who are raised in those days on the third floor of the shelter, which is equipped with a small altar. But standing next to a bouquet of white lilies, and so the smell no one paid much attention. Two days later, the flowers have been removed, and the aroma is even stronger. Soon, one of the pupils found droplets of moisture on the face of a saint. According to the teachers orphanage girl to venerate the icon burnt hand that almost immediately healed.

In Voronezh mirotochit face Valaam Mother of God in the cave temple Kostomarovsky convent. In ancient icons of their own difficult life — bullet holes in it. It is believed that this icon was shot in his time drunk Red Army.

Recently throughout Russia was driven bleeding icon of the Savior. The icon belongs to a resident of the village Derzhavins Orenburg region Antonina Efimova. The image became filled with blood droplets with a characteristic smell of blood for more than four years ago. So much so that the face of the Savior, as it were covered with dried scabs and became almost indistinguishable. Samara Bishop Sergius said on that occasion:

— When he heard about it the first time, I began to doubt. The church is always very sensitive about such miracles thoroughly checking their veracity. But when I saw that image, doubts have disappeared. On the icon with the head of the Savior, right from the crown of thorns, red trickle flowed and I felt the natural smell of blood. When this red liquid exudes Samara experts have taken for chemical analysis, it was found that this is a real human plasma, the fourth group.

All the facts are impossible to list. Even coming from a distant Chicago similar testimony.

Archdeacon of Zacchaeus (Wood) so talked about miracles taking place in America:

— In our diocese recently Lord showed weeping and myrrh-streaming icon. The first phenomenon happened a few years ago in the Albanian Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas. We also know of another icon of the Mother of God of Cicero, a suburb of Chicago. She began to cry at the feast of St. George. Another icon, owned by pious Arab woman, streamed myrrh in her home. Surprisingly, the icons that were applied to the Antioch icon in Cicero, and this, even paper prints, began to stream myrrh and cry, it was an extraordinary miracle.

And, of course, everyone knows about the famous Moscow weeping icons: the Tsar-Martyr Nicholas II in St. Nicholas Church on the Big Ordynka and mirokrovotochaschey icon of the Mother of God "Seven Arrows", which, although stored in a private collection, managed with a procession around half of the country.

Naturally, in the church hierarchy, and the scientists there are certain questions about the revealed so many wonders. The idea of falsification in this case can be put to rest immediately. Studies have shown that the world is deposited on the icons, crosses and salaries outside the condensate, so humor about holes drilled "cunning priests," here is inappropriate.

Here is the opinion of Vladimir Pavlov, the doctor of physical and mathematical sciences, leading researcher of the Steklov. Steklov:

— Mirotochaschaya icon, which "out of nothing" holy oil is produced, violates the scientific understanding of the universe. After all, what's going on at the same time? "Out of Nothing" formed matter — the world, tears, drops of blood on the icons. For the scientist, it is a startling discovery! From the standpoint of modern science such can only occur through the conversion of energy in the material — the reverse of that in which the nuclear power plant is converted to energy. Simply doubt and count cheated … There are, of course, the wave-particle theory that a single matter can express themselves and as a wave and as a matter particle. Perhaps mirotochenie — one of such manifestations. You just need to remember that not all the knowledge in the world obtained by scientific means. There is knowledge about which we can not even tell you where it is. We just know that this is so. But there is a manifestation of miracles and those aspects that can be studied in the framework of science. For example, the chemical composition of the world. In Klin on the icons stands organic oil composition close to the sunflower. But, of course, the knowledge of its chemical composition did not bring us closer to unraveling the phenomenon.

However, Christians around the world do not care about the scientific aspect of the problem, and for better or for worse massively wept Orthodox icons. The official position of Head of Service of the Church expressed Communications of the Moscow Patriarchate Victor Malukhin:

— Read the "weeping" icon harbinger of war, elements, adversity — a superstition! In fact mirotochenie shows that God is with us!

That's it. And in general — we'll wait and see.

R. S. In biological laboratories Kiev University did an analysis of the world, exudes the relics of the saints, resting in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. Miro was a substance with a high content of protein — but it is not important. Biologists have found it difficult to classification, but said firmly, a substance can only exude a living organism.


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