What disasters await humanity in 2013

January 16, 2013 5:36

Passed in 2012, and with it the prediction of the end of the world, which was to occur on December 21. But humanity is unlikely to cease to believe in the apocalypse, which means that we should expect a much more fantastic forecasts. Let's look at the disaster, which, according to the authoritative and not so experts are waiting for us in 2013.

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By the way, the next end of the world is expected in February. According to the forecasts of some "experts" on the night of 13 to 14 February the mysterious planet Nibiru, the existence of which has not yet been proven to be close to the Earth, which will lead to a change of the poles of our planet. The very next day, in the night from 15 to 16 February, should fly past the Earth 50-meter asteroid DA14 and he, unlike Nibiru does exist. DA14 approach the planet at a distance of 28,000 kilometers. Space standards for the distance is really very small, such as communications satellites are located at an altitude of 36,000 kilometers. However, even if the asteroid and drop to the ground, it will collapse in the dense layers of the atmosphere.

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Astronomers: Nibiru is already ripped a planet Earth crush on Valentine's Day!

Unidentified space object has been 4000 years since escape velocity is flying to the Earth. February 14, 2013 he will be at the point of closest approach. Astronomers have found that this huge planet wandering throughout the universe.
February 14, 2013 celestial body larger than the size of the Earth in 5 times, will be dangerously close to our planet. The strength of its attraction is so powerful that it can change the slope of the land. If this happens, change the axis will shift the magnetic poles. Then the planet will fall unseen forces floods and volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, sweeping everything in its path, and earthquakes.
In 1978, Zecharia Sitchin, the famous American scientist, makes a sensational statement: in the solar system planets, not nine, according to science, and 10. According to the scientist, besides the known planets, there is one — Nibiru. She wanders in space at an incredibly eccentric orbit and passes through the solar system every 3600 years. On the theory of Zecharia Sitchin scientists reacted with disbelief, but in the early 80's after a lengthy mathematical calculations existence of Nibiru has been proven. In 2005 the American astrophysicist said that at a distance of one light-years from Earth is a huge celestial body, at high speed, it is close to our planet. What is it, the astronomers were able to say no, because the celestial body is so dark that no optical telescopes or other instruments can not see it.
Fix the mysterious object scientist could only 2 years ago, when the Earth's orbit was a new super-power infrared telescope. What the astronomers saw on the decoded images taken with the telescope permanently plunged into shock. In the black void of space easily discern the outlines of a huge planet, no longer any doubt — it Nibiru.

After studying the parameters and trajectory of the giant planet found that the size of Earth Nibiru 5 times. After 3 years, it can fly only a few hundred kilometers from Earth. Being so close to our planet, it could easily rip off her air. But if the trajectory of Nibiru will change at least half a degree, it will face with the Earth. Hit space body size Nibiru leaving no chance for survival.
Alexander Bagrov, senior fellow for space astrometry Institute of Astronomy:
If the body size of the moon at a speed of 100 km / s crashes into Earth, the impact energy is sufficient to spill our planet into tiny droplets. A Nibiru is 5 times the size of Earth.
The assumption is that Nibiru can destroy the Earth in two years, recently received the proof. Scientists have found that once Nibiru already destroyed another planet. It turned out that 16 million years ago, in our solar system existed planet Phaeton, it was located between Mars and Jupiter, now in its place the asteroid belt. Scientists believe that the belt is nothing but the fragments of the ancient world. According to astrophysicists, likely Nibiru faced with Phaeton, when she once again passed through the solar system, after such a blow planet shattered into pieces.
In 2010, the hypothesis that the planet Phaeton existed in reality and could be lost due to a collision with Nibiru, has been confirmed. Gathering evidence, NASA experts sent to the asteroid belt a special probe. With the help of experts found the stone blocks of traces of organic molecules, which means that the asteroid belt — it really fragments Phaeton. Not only to crash on the planet is likely to have a life.
Alexander Bagrov:
If we find the following passage of the planet of life, then there is an interesting hypothesis: that planet was destroyed together with the appearance of the sun, and before it was inhabited by some life forms. We're on the lookout for the sky to see the body, which will cause us a fatal blow. We developed the system to prevent such an attack, for the disposal of dangerous body off to the side, reports www.ctv.by.

At the same time, the media did not get tired scare threats emanating from the sun. First of all, it is a tremendous geomagnetic storm that will leave all mankind without electricity. Something like we have been through. Recall, Oracle Shambhala once predicted that on December 21 the Earth will enter a "zero band", leaving its people without heat and light.

No less dangerous and more disasters predicted by authoritative experts MOE. However, these predictions might be worth considering. Thus, the forecast office, 2012 was a year of extreme rainfall, which should result in a powerful mudslides and flooding. Judging by the events that took place in Krymsk MES experts were right.

This year, according to rescuers, Russia will suffer from earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.5 points. The danger in the first place, threatens Sakhalin, Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands. Off the coast of the Far East, earthquakes can cause tsunamis up to 8 meters. Also, can shake the North Caucasus, and the Krasnodar and Stavropol territories.

No less trouble will bring spring floods, which are most exposed to the Volga and Ural regions. For example, it is already filled out for 100% of the Kuibyshev reservoir need to spill excess water. Scary to think what might happen in the spring.

MOE warns not only of natural disasters. The important role played by the human factor. Thus, in 2013, the agency is projected to grow the number of failures in the municipal systems. Besides, there is a sufficiently high probability of accidents in the oil industry and the railways., Reports www.riasv.ru.

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