What is buzzing Volgograd land

May 4, 2012 7:27

Photo: AMF

Mystery of the mysterious phenomenon of trying to unravel the local ufology
The head of the Volga Study Group anomalies Gennady Belimov several years collecting information about gulah to hear if from the ground. People hear them in many places, is no exception and our region.

Subway in Zhirnovsk

First Belimov faced uncertain rumble during an expedition to Medveditskaia ridge known in Zhirnovsky area and throughout the country for its mysterious phenomena. Once he was pulled in the direction of Valery Moskalev, a man with psychic instincts: "Do you hear what's going on under the ground?" Belimov admitted, like something is there, but it's probably the noise of the cars on the track. Moskalev not give up, "Oh, twenty kilometers from here!"

 Day was usually quiet, but by evening buzz manifested quite clearly. Of course, the UFO immediately linked it to the tunnel, which in the 90's found the head of the association "Kosmopoisk" Vadim Chernobrov. They never been done before, except that in Old Testament times.
Tunnels stretching across the entire area to a depth of 8 to 30 m and are straight galleries diameter from 7 to 22 m Belimov believes they man-made — it was too similar to the subway. But in the last expedition "subway station" flooded with water. Familiar to all members of the expedition ezhilis — it seemed that some forces are not allowed in the network.
One problem: how do you know the length and height of the tunnel? Belimov vague answers, saying that to do this Chernobrov measurements using dowsing rods, and the results tested method of drilling. Tunnels are somewhere in the north to the south-west. In short, in Volgograd. Ufology seriously suspect that there continues some hidden work: whether traffic is moving, if production is established. If it is destroyed at the top, whether it should stay? Radio physicist by training, Belimov not prepared to answer, whether it is connected with the underground movement, the emission of radiation or something else.
— We also have the Volga where was heard the constant drone — says the correspondent of "AIF", Volgograd "former engineer of the institute" Energozhilindustrproekt "Lyudmila handle. — After all that, there is a pathogenic zone became known recently, their card was an expert on dowsing Sergei Savinov. I was not too pleased to see the border of the zone, one near my house on Tchaikovsky Street. Not because it was sick and her husband died 37 years?

Everywhere UFO

Many times I have been to those places — did not notice. But Liudmila stands his ground:
— It is well heard near the plant "Meteor". Not long ago, walking through the streets of the neighborhood to the street Karbysheva Soviet — same thing. I think seeing things. I asked a passer-man: you hear something? He confirmed, but said it was — from the transformer station. Strangely, no booth was nearby.
Actually street Karbysheva without abnormal noise zones, God forbid, but oh well. But residents of the eighth district also complained that not haunted strange noise. There was a suspicion that he was going to combine the bulk of housing, but even close to this plant during working hours still. What makes a noise — no one knew how or were looking for. True, do not climb on the roof, and people in the know say that it is there may be a source of — modern radio amplifiers. But ufologists more interesting to relate these noises with geopathic zone. And also remember a few other possibilities. One of them — this is the inherent noise of the Earth that the planet emits a low frequency. Why, history is silent. Yet another fun option — if the whole thing in the tunnels that cross the land in all directions. What is not proof — Medveditskaya ridge? But only for a UFO.
Geologist Nikolai Samus from Volgograd — the same one that predicted the recent earthquake in Japan, said the earth hums rumors:
— They can even apply except during earthquakes stronger than seven points. We have none. The most powerful echoes that reach the area, 3-3.5 points, such people do not feel.
But the director of the Physical-Technical Institute of Volgograd Konstantin Firsov looks slightly different:
— People who monitor the atmosphere, say: if you do not put the appropriate filters, then we will see some UFOs. Radar and other means in an atmosphere of record multiple audio and optical phenomena. Air — Wednesday turbulent, viscous, continuously formed some eddies. They provide optical effects up to a UFO. The same thing with auditory effects. Anything is possible, so let UFO looking for.

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