What is in store for a new outbreak of the Earth to the Sun?

According to the monitoring of the Institute of Applied Geophysics. Fedorov Roshydromet integrated solar activity on March 13 was moderate.

On the Sun observed five groups of spots. Again after a two-day lull before hiding behind the western limb of the Sun, more active group of sunspots 1429. At 21.41 MSK there was an outbreak of class M7.9 (almost on the threshold of the highest class X), which was accompanied by a coronal mass ejection, streams of protons over a wide energy range.

Since 1429 a group of spots (N18W62) is far from geoeffective longitude, then the shock wave from the flash, according to experts, will be on a sliding the Earth's magnetosphere. As predicted by NASA this can occur on March 15 in NE 06.20 (+ /-7 hours).

Therefore, the geomagnetic field is from the unstable to slightly perturbed, and radiation environment from slightly perturbed to unperturbed. During the day it is better to refrain from airline flights in parts of the North and South poles, where radiation levels may be elevated. Possible disruption in navigation and radio during the day. Expected effects in the polar cap absorption (PCA), again will be highly likely auroras.



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