Whats new in our lives?

April 19, 2012 9:11

It is difficult to doubt the veracity of the information that supports a variety of sources. In this case, we will focus on a variety of projections that make the experts in the field of science, somehow related to new technologies.

What's new in our lives?

According to the forecasts of Professor Parviz Rabac, which deals tehnobionikoy the University of Washington, just 18 years old contact lenses and glasses replace the virtual glasses that will be implanted in the eye. They will be available not only for people with low vision, but also for those who want to push the limits of visual perception and get the novelty and thrill.

Sunglasses lenses can help do two things at once: to recognize human faces and to translate. For example, in any country, you will be able to speak the foreign language at the level of genius polyglot: in front of your eyes will immediately transfer to be made on the basis of the voice recognition of your contact. We just have to invent something that does not say, and you and your partner need to be connected to the planetary computer system. A virtually "The Matrix."

Moreover, most of the researchers noted that there was nothing fabulous about it. The described technology is already there, all that's left to do — is to combine them and to develop nanocomputer that will be introduced first in the contact lens, and then into the vitreous body of the eye.

Modern technologies, which are based on the latest research in the field of genetic engineering have led to the ambitious kind of bank artificially grown organs, tissues and body parts. Today, there are artificial organs for the cardiovascular system (valves, vessels). Also a rapid development in the field of plastic surgery, which, according to some experts, has led to an increase in the number of artificial cartilage of the head and face (nose, ears).

Such as tissues and organs are grown? According to Anthony Atala of Wake Forest University, this applies to a complex based on porous plastic that receives the stem cells of the patient, and a special substance that stimulates growth, allowing the tissue to grow out of the required authorities.

And as noted by Kay Kendrick University of California at Berkeley, in a few decades, not using any special mental abilities, and modern nanotechnology to introduce information in the tissue chips, people will be able to communicate without words, directly translating thoughts. Already, people with disabilities can communicate using a computer and not touching it. And the Japanese company Honda already have robots that can be controlled mentally.

According to researcher Robert Lanza of the company Advanced Cell Technology, exploring the possibility of resuscitation of extinct species, in this matter there is no theoretical or technological boundaries, and moral and ethical: the entire 60 years it will be possible not only to revive the animals listed in the Red Book, but and the ancestors of man. For example, the Neanderthals.

Multi-level technology support and promised to fight the natural aging of the human body. Already proved that increase life expectancy by one-third can be a simple reduction of high-calorie foods.

Another intriguing prediction can be found in the pages of Times. They write that after 90 years of computer technology will move to the level at which it will be possible to program the properties of different media and materials around us. For example, we can easily and naturally create an entire city. And we will control appliances telepathically. Of course, the basis of all these fantastic designs are nanotechnology.

Mankind may well go into a microcosm, that after a while people will realize that they are highly modified. For example, becoming a half-robot. But the process is already running, reversing it will not work. It remains to continue to go in this direction by chance found. It is likely that we will soon be able to see these terminators and cyborgs, as well as many other interesting entities.

It is worth noting that this is not just a fantasy of the virtual concerned people. Not at all. Already created real nanostructures, reaching the overall dimensions to a few square centimeters. This rectangular single crystals, which are mounted on the chip using planar technology. These crystals contain information that is in the form of the program. These microcomputers can change the shape of any object in which they are embedded. You only need a boost.

It is this process of robotization of mankind predicts Rodney Brooks of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In his view, the line between artificial and natural disappear, and the theory of the famous Charles Darwin go to the archive as unnecessary. On Earth begins the era of Biocybernetics.

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