When will sink America

Sea levels around New York abnormally increased U.S. scientists reported a surprising phenomenon: the sea level at the north-eastern coast of the U.S. over the past few decades is growing 3-4 times faster than the world at large. These are the conclusions of experts Geological Surveying and Mapping USA. This coastal strip is located, in particular, New York, Boston, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

What is the cause of this strange phenomenon? According to scientists, most likely to blame for the Gulf Stream. Typically, the level of water in the center of 1-2 meters higher than the U.S. shores. The fact that the high rate of water movement and the associated pressure drop occurs in the middle of the flow, as it were a kind of backbone.

However, recently the Gulf Stream weakened somewhat, what, according to scientists, explains too strong rise in sea level in Boston, New York and Baltimore.

— The weakening of the Gulf Stream — says oceanographer Peter Haud — leads to the fact that this elevation is expressed not so much and some of the water moves to the edges of the stream. That is, in the middle reaches of the water level drops, and the periphery — increases.

Over the last 30 years the water level on the coast rose by more than 10 centimeters. If this trend continues, it can lead to very serious consequences, and above all to the devastating floods. In particular, a serious blow to fall on power plants in New York, which are located near the coast in order to facilitate the supply of fuel and water for cooling. And this is not the last attack. In recent years in New York because of storm surges have already completely cover underground. The author of these lines in one of his trips to New York had to run to leave the subway station, where the water was already pouring platform. Local residents say that the flood of such they have become accustomed.

Are under threat of flooding and many local airports, since they too are at the coast.

Risk, many owners of yachts and boats: when lifting water swimming all these tools can be used on the New York streets.

Of course, the root cause of all these phenomena — the observed global warming. It has launched many of the mechanisms that seriously affect the Earth's climate.

Studies have shown that even if it can be stopped and even lower emissions of carbon dioxide, it is still the end of this century, the level of water in the oceans would rise by 75-80 centimeters. This is due to its high inertia.

Ocean very late response to the enhanced greenhouse effect. Therefore, even if emissions drastically reduce the water level will still be up.

Source: www.rg.ru

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