Where are the aliens?




Predicting the future — is funny but hopeless. Where funnier to learn about how the future was represented by dozens of years ago …

… And compare it with the present …

Fifty years ago, people were already preparing for what would be herded into garages flying cars. Naturally, the home also were of rectangular boxes turn into something more befitting space age.

In 1968, the Finnish architect Matti Suuronen created a home in the form of a very ordinary … a flying saucer. Elliptical windows, intricate interior, all-round visibility and a kitchen, which resembles a spacecraft compartment. The door to the house open like a ladder — falling out down.

Against the background of the many UFO reports in the near future contact with extraterrestrial civilizations while many doubted and, moreover, did not have time to get used to this "news". So it was necessary to adequately meet aliens!

Convenience and efficiency of homes in the form of a flying saucer over the traditional dwelling on the backburner. The main thing — compliance with cosmic epoch.

All the details of the situation had to be reinvented. Home-plate accommodates 8 people and had a diameter of 8 meters. Height greater than 4 meters. It produced at the plant and, because of the extraordinary lightness, could deliver to site by helicopter. The project also involved the movement of mobile — a week there, a week here.

Housing parts should be made of polyester fiber — this material is inexpensive. The architect wanted his creation accessible to all inhabitants of the planet. And, most interestingly, he believed in a housing revolution he is not alone!

Brighter future was crossed out (as always) the economic crisis — in 1973, rose oil. However, by the time the Finnish architect managed to build 20 houses cutest. Some of them are still preserved in Finland, the USA and the Netherlands. For a long time they served as a cafe, a motel room, the exhibits show …

But some were lost without a trace, and there were only recently. In the autumn of last year to the state of New Jersey rumors of UFO wreckage found. Later, there was clarification that this seems to be the forgotten backdrop for sci-fi film. It turned out that it lost "house-plate." It was sold at auction for fifty thousand dollars, and the new owner opened the lodge gift shop. Of space, naturally.

One of these "alien lodges", by the way, belongs to the parents of actress Naomi Watts. Many of the happiest days of his childhood spent in a strange star structure.

If the houses you see, give us something useful, the predictions of futurists look just a misunderstanding. According to them, the people at the beginning of the third millennium should have … no, do not fly into space on a weekend, and … nothing.

Science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke in 1968, wrote in his essay that "our descendants in 2001 can get in the future deadly boredom, where the main problem in life is to decide which of the hundreds of channels to choose."

The fact is that, in theory, technological progress should take place very rapidly. As expected, computers, video phones, robots, automation widespread, the same flying cars and other time-saving invention will create a unique opportunity for humanity to XXI century — too much leisure time.

So now to work on the idea, we had four days a week, less than eight hours a day, with an annual operating period of 147 days and 218 days of vacation. And both work something quite expected dust-free, Sit yourself for superklaviaturoy, sometimes the keys are pressed. "We do not have to go to work. On the contrary, the work will come to us "- the sociologist thirty years ago.

Worried as they were that, as labor made man from the ape, so the lack of employment will lead to the fact that we stand on all fours and growl. Obviously, this is a wonderful time will come not soon, not yet see no rest, no money, no time, no aliens.

Julia Apricots


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