Where populations are disappearing?

February 1, 2012 19:07

Legends of mysterious disappearances are widespread throughout the world. But, without a doubt, one of the most popular is the incident that occurred in North America, in the colony of Roanoke, whose inhabitants seen alive for the last time in 1587. The leader is also the unexplained disappearance and whereabouts of more than thirty men, women and children who disappeared from the village of Eskimos in the first half of the twentieth century by the lake Andzhikuni.

Lake Andzhikuni richly pike and trout. It is located along the banks of Kazan in one of the remote regions of Canada. This region is rich in legends of evil spirits. The more fascinating and mysterious disappearance is the story of local people.

The whole story began in November 1930, when the Canadian hunter fur animals Labelle arrived in the Eskimo village, and to his surprise found that the hut empty. Just a few weeks ago, it was a welcoming, bustling town, which seething life. Now, however, he was met by total silence. The hunter could not find a single inhabitant of the village. Understandably, he wanted to know what had happened. However, his search did not yield any results. He walked around the village, looking in every corner. Boats, kayaks local population was in his usual place on the dock, and the houses were all the household and weapons. In the houses hunter found also potted a traditional dish — stew. All fish stocks were also in place. Everything was absolutely as much as before, except for the people. Tribe, who number more than two and a half thousand people disappeared without trace on an ordinary day. Could not find a hunter and no signs of a struggle.

Another detail, which adds a mysterious situation was the fact that no trace of the village was not.

According to the memoirs Labelle, he felt an inexplicable fear and tension in the abdomen, and immediately rushed to the telegraph and sent notification of the Royal Canadian Mountain Police. Since nothing like no one had ever heard, the police immediately sent to the village of the whole expedition. The search for people stretched along the coast of the lake. When police arrived at the scene, was discovered a few facts that pointed to the fact that the disappearance of a mystical nature. First, the Eskimos do not have sled dogs, was originally supposed hunter. Their icy skeletons were found deep in the snow. They died of hunger. Moreover, it was found that the graves of the ancestors were opened, and the bodies of the dead disappeared.

These facts stumped local authorities. It was clear that none of the two modes of transport people not used. Besides, if they voluntarily leave the country, then, at least, would not have left dogs tied, they would have released them, providing the opportunity to find their own food. But it seems more bizarre second mystery — scientists safely burn that Eskimos could not disturb the graves of their ancestors, as it is prohibited practices. Besides, the land at the time was so frozen that breaking it without the aid of special equipment was simply impossible. According to one of the police officers who took part in the search for what happened in the village, is physically impossible. After seven decades, no one was able to challenge the approval. Until now, the Canadian authorities have failed to solve the riddle of the lake Andzhikuni. Especially since they were not able to find the descendants of the members of the tribe. And it looks as if the village had never existed in the world.

Such, at least, the strange disappearance of a whole village can not be any more or less reasonable explanation. Even if someone is attacked by a tribe, the police would have found human remains or traces of confrontation, but there is nothing like has not been found …

However, this is not the only case in history still has a lot of similar legends. In Kenya, one of the tribes of the researchers heard the legend of the island Envaitenet, which long ago lived a large tribe. It was engaged in trade with other tribes. But one day simply cease trading. Scouts were sent to the island, which brought about the fact that the village is empty, and all things were in place. But, again, there is a legitimate question: how and most importantly why the inhabitants of the whole tribe to cross the lake and noticed where they all disappeared? Following this incident, the island, whose name means "irrevocable", consider cursed.

Such disappearances have occurred in the territory of Russia. A lot of reported cases appeared in the media regarding Pleshcheeva lake. If you believe the stories, once upon a time on this lake was built Kleshchina beautiful city, but once all the inhabitants left it, just as the Eskimos have fled their village. Legend has it that this city has been cursed by the Spirit Lake. Therefore the city Pereslavl-Zaleski, which was built later in the area, was built in the side of the lake. And though it's just a beautiful legend, however, Lake Pleshcheyevo until now strikes fear in the local population. Residents believe that the mist that often appears on the lake, very dangerous. And if you get into it, you can end up in a parallel world and come back in a few days, if not disappear.

Something similar happens in the Irkutsk region. In 1997 Nizhneilimskiy area near Dead Lake disappearance of three members of the local police. But five years earlier in the same area lost a train along with all the people who accompanied him.

Pskov region also has its anomalous position. This area near the village Lyady that intersects ravine. It was there that the team was gone, sent to logging.

All of these stories have in common is that they all have an explanation, even if not quite believable. But how to explain the disappearance of people in front of a large number of witnesses? For example, the well known story that happened to a farmer Lang, disappeared in front of as many as five witnesses. And these stories also happen very often. Even in the annals of the seventeenth century there are records that during the meal literally vanished into thin air monk Ambrose. But in those days, such events can be explained very simply — the machinations of evil spirits and witchcraft. In the early 1800s, in the same way British ambassador B.Baterst disappeared. Initially, his disappearance is not given due importance, write it on the Napoleonic intrigues. However, numerous eyewitnesses have confirmed that Napoleon to this case does not have any relation.

A more recent case occurred in our time, when his wife was gone almost before the eyes of her husband, just get out of the car to wipe the glass.

But people do not always disappear without a trace. Sometimes it happens that people missing in one place, after a period of time appear in a different, totally unfamiliar place. For example, in the second half of the twentieth century, one of the military pilots who had to eject, since his plane crashed. When he came to, I found out that before the accident about one mile. One of his colleagues said that the plane just disappeared.

Chinese town of Guilin, the famous winding branched caves can "boast" of disappearances. Guides who give tours of the caves, visitors have to recalculate after each trip to the cave. And the reason is not only that one can keep up or get lost. In 2001, there was a very strange, but very funny story. By joining one of the new tourist excursions, which no one had seen before. It turned out that the man himself said that he was in 1998, and he caught up with his group, from behind which, having decided to relax a bit in one of the caves.

In 1621, Michael's royal guards kidnapped squad Khan Devlet Giray, released in march in 1571. What a surprise could be read on their faces when they found out what year were. According to the detachment of soldiers, they, along with the Tatar army, took part in the assault on Moscow, in their way was a deep ravine, covered with fog. Leave him they had only half a century.

According to scientists, these species can be explained by the time of "black holes" through which a person can get into a parallel reality, but to get back — almost impossible. Such time gaps are due to the geophysical anomalies, such as fractures in the Earth's crust. Not less frequently-used version is that people are abducted by aliens for their research.

Teleportation — a phenomenon unpredictable, so know in advance exactly where people can bring this anomaly, it is impossible. Scientists also say that such miracles can demonstrate religious tribal people, a major part of life is meditation and Tibetan Yoga. Teleportation can also be explained by the fact that, in certain circumstances, a person can "wake up" paranormal psychic abilities, in particular, the occurrence of danger to life and a great desire to leave a specific place. This assumption has been proved experimentally — incited a cat dog. The cat is so scared that hissed and … disappeared. On the site was discovered only a collar, and the animal found in a few days on the roof of the church steeple.

A similar case happens a lot every day. And despite the fact that most of them are mundane, the usual explanation, though some of them really can not be any logic and amazingly mysterious and mystical overtones. You can be sure that most cases never reach the site of the mass media, because they will tell you about just a nobody …

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