White sharks have learned to thrive in waters of Primorye


13.10.11.V waters of the Gulf of Peter the Great on Popov Island near Vladivostok, scientists have caught a baby shark, told journalists, scientists, Far East Branch (FEB RAS).

"Newborn shark caught in length up to one meter. This fry white shark was born recently. Based on the fact that the young do not make long migrations, we assume that he grew up in the south of Primorye in this year, "- quotes scientists" Interfax ".

Previously head of the laboratory of the Institute of Marine Biology, Ichthyology Ph.D. Andrey Balanov informed the Agency that white sharks may still be in the waters of Primorye, despite cooling water up to 13 degrees.

"I'm pretty sure that the gray sharks and mako sharks are gone from the coastal waters of Primorye, the temperature for them is unacceptable. But to say that the white shark is gone, I can not "- he said.

He added that more white sharks are unpretentious and can be in the cold water. In this case, the scientist said that in 2006-2007 in the southern seas were cases white shark attacks on man in cold water.

Balanov speculated that the sharks go from Primorye, when the water temperature drops to 10 degrees. According to forecasters, it will happen in the third week of October.

As reported in August, in the waters of Khasan district of southern edge of the shark attacked three people: 17, 18 and 27 August. Her teeth hurt two residents of Vladivostok 25 and 16 years old, and 26-year-old resident of the village Slavyanka.

Presumably, the victim is white shark was a local resident, who lost his hand.

In Primorye, created a special office to catch a predator, formed a fleet to sea hunting. Catching sharks takes nine fishing boats. Four other boats and six boats were working in monitor mode. In search involved more than 60 people — professional experienced fishermen, rescue workers and scientists, ichthyologists. Staff work suspended due to the cold snap.

Finally managed to catch a few large sharks, but, according to experts, it was the species are not dangerous to humans and traditionally live in Primorye.

September 15 EMERCOM in Primorye informed about finishing the swimming season in the Maritime region due to a decrease in water temperature.

Source: FORUM.msk

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