Who are the charlatans from the magic




Of course, many who claim to be a magician, they are not. Trusting citizens were willing to accept, reading a newspaper in reklamku.

How to distinguish the real masters of the charlatan?

Basically, a lot of ways. But now I want to talk about something else.

The main distinguishing feature of someone I do not propose to consider a magician — it's limitations like "I only do good, evil rituals do not spend."

I will not argue that the good and bad (even if it is done by humanists and humanoids). But I will say that the magician is able to put the protection and he will not backfire, no matter what he did out of magic acts.

Here comes a woman to quack. He gives her draw seven cards from the deck. Sometimes this, by the way, showing good dexterity.

Among the other card was pulled and the queen of spades.

Charlatan, looking at the icons, which hung room, says, "Well, you pulled them myself. Pique Dame — it's spoiling to death."

And then the script — the removal of a considerable amount of damage.

Because a woman can not of itself determine that there is no damage to it, that the damage to the death, few survive for more than 3-5 weeks.

And now, after spending theatrical procedures "to remove damage," quack claims that even after 6 months of her life will improve.

And if you ask for a quack to bring damage, he refuses. Of course, citing the reluctance of contact with "black magic". Why?

Because the results of this magic is very noticeable. And very soon!

Therefore I suggest to everyone who applies to a magician or sorcerer specify whether he can not only take pictures, but also bedevil! I assure you that in most cases this will be an indicator of whether or not the Master in front of you or just a juggler.


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