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"Kursk truth", 02.04.2004, Kursk, n62-63, p.10

Author: Nikolai Borisov

At Kursk field crops, as well as in English, often appear unusual circles and signs. In 1992, one of the chairmen of collective Zolotukhinsky district told our ufologists that in the summer before harvest on one of the fields there were strange circles of fallen stalks of wheat. On the question of whether you can find a place, where the circles, was answered in the negative. This information is for ufologists have no interest. Similar reports came from and Manturovsky district.

July 27, 2000 in one of the farms of the Tomsk region Kursk region in the grain field there were four laps strictly geometrical shape, a distance of 400 meters from them and found several similar ones. It looked as if applied to the various fields of grain ring structures have a focused and carrying coded information in the form of icons.

Over the last twenty years in the world have been more than 200 major and trace figures, posted by someone unknown, on wheat and rapeseed fields, meadows, glades in the woods, in the snow, and in other places where the prints just less noticeable. These strange characters appear as rings, lined up triangles, sine curves, straight lines, figures, commas and group marks, connected strips. They are artistically accomplished (in the "golden ratio") in the form of symmetric regular geometric shapes, consisting of structural ring systems, each refined. It began with England and then circles began to appear in Canada, Australia, Israel, Japan and Russia. At first thought it was some clever tricks professors or air vortices rotating in the limited space of the hilly terrain.

Which only theories and fantasies was not raised — from spiral "plasma vortices" that drop down to the ground (T. Meaden) to certain types of fungi, which are located in the ground in a circular colonies and, acting on the roots of the plants, making them a perfect circle decumbent (D. Els). There were and presumptions that circles leave during lovemaking badgers and hedgehogs. Allegedly, they run in circles, knocking down everything in its path, and as a result there are intricate designs. Some believed that these jokers doing and come down at night on airships and trampled the field for hoaxes population.

Followed treated with planes, as some have tried to take the encrypted messages intended earthlings from the holders of a higher intelligence. There was even created the science of deciphering community and the compositions of them. An aerial view of the image look like the most genuine works of art: sweeping shapes, symmetrical arcs, triangles pifagorskie, text labels, and numerous icons (graphic symbols). Who are we fooling?

As the official science is silent, speculation lovers do not look quite serious, and the number of observations, however, increases so that the issue can not be ignored. It has come to the point that during the parliamentary hearing of the bill "On the energy-security population of Russia", the issue was raised in the State Duma.

Received a lot of publicity circles have appeared in the fields of Stavropol. All traces of this kind of form not only a complex geometric figure, but sometimes in the ground are the marks of UFO landings, puncture holes, drilling and soil pits and even the longest tunnels of small diameter. In the area of finding circles, there is a change in the chemical and physical composition of the soil, have smothered helicopter engines. Plants are bent at right angles, and so continue to grow. As a rule, the place of appearance of crop circles occasionally people watch takeoffs and landings of unidentified flying objects. Recently, the video made the time fly over fields of two small spherical objects, which, after clearing the fields form a circle. In short, all the evidence of an active and large-scale activities, but does not answer the question: who and what it is? What power could play a? And who ruled this force?

We analyzed all conceivable options. In some cases, you can clearly say that sometimes the mechanical manifestation of this phenomenon is made of one of the varieties of field poltergeist. Poltergeists researchers identified simultaneously writing depicting speaking and mechanical effects on the environment poltergeists. If there are dents in the ground marks the UFO landing, conclusions about the field already visited the other.

In 1992, ufologist Lgovskii Alex Tkachenko brought me a bag of research on land with the landing of UFOs. Every day, in the evening of the package with the land per person impacted some oppressive power. Because of this it was necessary to carry a package to the ground in the woods and pour.


— Circles are informative for flying across the track interplanetary UFO, indicating that there is life on Earth;

— The sinusoidal curves as information only for flying UFO. These show the position of a sine wave of satellites orbiting a planet. Perhaps this information is for earthlings;

— If symmetrical figures have branches in the form of keys — these icons are designed to test abilities to decipher the information;

— The figures are a navigation destination for flying UFO. It is believed that the plateau Nazca huge figures of animals, birds and images of characters used in many aliens as navigational aids.

One of these geometric images were obtained from the poltergeist manifestations apartment in 1990 in St. Petersburg, a group of researchers led by its head Marchenko BM Comparing the images printed apartment poltergeist, "with images of the fields, it can be concluded that the handwriting, structure and system images are identical. "

In addition to the circular icons, field poltergeists leave the text labels that are visible only from the plane. For example, in the county of Hampshire on the grain field was written "we are not alone" — "we are not alone." Each letter had a height of over 36 meters. And get angry poltergeist Moscow Field wrote on the snow-covered wasteland is well known to all short dirty word, visible only from the plane. Perfectly aligned the letters were a height of 50 meters, and the thickness of the lines — more than two meters. It is hard to imagine that such a label could perform a man.

According to many researchers poltergeist phenomenon — the use of the energy-driven plasma and material entities that are invisible to the human eye. Engineering and Physics of the poltergeystovskogo phenomenon is still a mystery to science. However, the general principles of coding and transmitting the command information described and published.

Knowledge of the field has served as symbols of the man and were the religious trappings of his life on earth. The conclusion about the real existence in the past, information communication between terrestrial and extraterrestrial life in the universe, but then somehow interrupted. This is evidenced by a well-known musician in Europe Philippe Roger, who set the high altitude and external microphone while flying UFO has interesting information. He was told, "… that the real ship, that they are not going to feed us with a spoon. They prefer to give us evidence of open, similar to the disparate clues to the mysterious history of the deciphering of which we are able to work."

Location plan of laps on the field under Tim.

Nikolai Borisov, ufologist.
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