Why is Olga Drozdov called a witch?




On Walpurgis night of May 1, the dark forces satisfied with his "Parade"

Actress Olga Drozdov — gypsy daughter, a femme fatale. Is able to guess and believe in mysticism.

These days people are preparing, as usual, to celebrate May Day — Spring and Labor Day. But surely someone will remember and one of the ancient pagan festivals, which is celebrated on the night of May 1 — Walpurgis Night, when, according to legend, the witches' sabbath flock. In the Russian students on Walpurgis night lit bonfires, trick out devils, ghosts, wandering around the city and threatened "the lost travelers." Now nothing that is not already happening, but the night is still considered a mystic. Do they believe in the mystique of our modern actors? What happened to the mystical in their personal lives and their films?

Naumov was the dream of Bulgakov's widow

Olga DROZDOVA in the House on Arbat Street actor said: "… In the Sverdlovsk Drama Theater I played in the play" The Witch, "in which a lot of things," vedmyacheskogo 'happened to me: then attach a streamer fly off during the dance scene in different directions, then the water , which doused backstage, proved not warm, and ice … I played the role of the Witch in a pair of Galina Umpelovoy — extraordinary beauty. At first everything was fine: she rehearsed, and put me in the hall. Suddenly her swollen flux. I watch everything on me glancing at a gypsy daughter. It was my turn to rehearse. And suddenly the whole scene falls right at her. Here I was in the theater began to gently get … "

Natalia Belokhvostikova admits that sometimes her dreams come true mystic. "One day — says the actress — it was in the period when Volodya (husband, film director Vladimir Naumov. — Ed.) Wanted to film" Master and Margarita ", I had a dream. I open the door of the apartment, and on the doorstep — Elena Bulgakov Bulgakov's widow. She was our consultant on the film "Running" and then died. And here came to me in a dream. Says her husband: "Volodya, no shoot" The Master and Margarita "will not." Her husband takes her in, and she refuses, says that in the car waiting for her Bulgakov.

The next morning I told the dream to her husband. It turned out he had dreamed the same thing! Volodya says, "When I ran to open the door to Elena Sergeevne, then in such a hurry that hit your foot on the trellis." And then he wrapped his pants — a huge bruise on my leg! The husband has not removed the "Masters" … "

Another time I dreamed that my husband was ill. At that time he was on a business trip in Italy. It was found in Italy, he was in the hospital. Dreams, omens — a sort of parallel life, it is necessary to listen.

Stamp itself eclipsed in Milady

Something strange was going on with the actress Margarita Terekhova during the filming of "The Three Musketeers". She said: "During the work on the role of Milady around me began to whirl as if the forces of evil. Jura (director Jungvald-Khil'kevich. — Ed.) Will confirm. I had to draw a mark in the scene when accidentally discovered the secret of Milady D'Artagnan. Yura's still an artist. He says, "I'll draw you right now." And all of a sudden starts to call. "Look, she treads the red spot with a clear outline of lily! You just need to cut around! "In front of a group, he simply described the lily, speaking on my shoulder. I — a woman nervous, I thought it odd. Went further series of minor troubles. I burned the hair so that they began to fall off. Lost the first bag, then ticket that need to fly on tour. I'm so scared of the dark forces of vorticity, which went from Odessa, leaving all … It seems to me that this is the same batch of emotions and some supernatural phenomena, on which rested all. "

In a family, Svetlana Toma only girls are born — so act witchcraft old cameos.

The family Svetlana Toma from generation to generation amulet — an old cameo as a female profile of ivory. Tom's great-grandmother told her daughter: "The family that holds this cameo, only girls are born." Svetlana Toma got the amulet from his mother and gave birth to a daughter — Irene (Irina Lachin today — a famous actress). When Ira was married, Tom handed her a cameo. Irina has also had a daughter — Mary …

The actress Helen Korenevo on one performance on the stage was broken mirror. Koreneva said urgently needs to throw debris into the river, turning them away from you, "face" to the water. Actress all did so, but bad luck has worked — she soon his father died.

Some actors from religious considerations are trying to protect themselves from all incomprehensible. For example, actor Alexei Petrenko played in the film "Agony" by Elem Klimov blasphemer Rasputin. On the set he was present as a consultant Messing, who celebrated "mad" energy Petrenko. But the actor is not saved: the shooting, he suffered a heart attack, he was in intensive care. After the movie Petrenko became very religious and would prefer not to talk about mysticism (as Elena Tsyplakova, Irina Muravyova Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Mykola Burlyaev and others).


Our competition "The actors and roles" (we asked readers to send to the editor a description of what the actors repeated in the life of the fate of film characters) continues. Excerpts from the letters.

1 Igor talc starred in the movie "Over the last line." At the end of the hero Talkova, the gang leader, killed by shots from a pistol in the chest. And in the life of Igor talc was shot at point-blank backstage at a concert. (Sent from Tolyatti Natalia Tarara.)

2 In 1974, Fedoseyeva-Shukshina gave the screenplay "They Fought for Their Country," in which she was to play the widow. She was frightened — a bad omen. "But you do not play the widow, but just a woman" — soothed her SHukshin. The role proved to be prophetic. SHukshin died Oct. 2 at the shooting of heart failure. (Sent K. Volovikova, Belgorod region.)

3 Viktor Tsoi in 1988 in "The Eagle" played the main character, who perished in the final. A 15 August 1990 Victor himself was killed in a car crash in the Baltic. (Sent by Sergey Simonov of the Kursk.)

4 Hero Anatolia Papanova — Kopalycha — in the film "Cold Summer of '53", which entered into an unequal battle with criminals, killed in the final picture. Returned from filming in Moscow actor has decided to take a cold shower (later this fact will find a kind of tragic allusion to the title of the painting), and the heart of Anatoly Dmitrievich did not survive. (Sent Marina Kravchenko.)

5 Hero Godovikova Nicholas Petro in the film "White Sun of the Desert" is killed by a bayonet blow to the chest. Exactly seven years later, the situation repeated itself in the life of the actor: a broken bottle hit him in the chest with a neighbor in the communal apartment. The wound was severe, but fortunately, the actor was still alive. (Sent Olga aces.)

6 In the film "The Return". Vladimir Garin, who played the older brother, was drowned in a year to the day after the shooting — June 25. In the original script he had drowned. "

"Even the machines are subject to mysticism movie. During the filming of "Schizophrenia" Il-86 plane exploded, and the hero dies Abdulova. The film Il-86 plane with the tail number 86060. 7 years after the shootings at take-off in the "Sheremetyevo" blew it this plane …

"Admiral Nakhimov" was supposed to be a "hero" disaster movie of the same name — the script he was drowning … "Admiral Nakhimov" played the role of a little ahead of schedule — going to the last flight on the Black Sea, it sank, and took away a life of more than four hundred people. (Sent Olga aces.)

Photos Tatyana Kuzmina, Hope and PABAUSKOY from the book George and Natalia Jungvald-Khil'kevich "Behind the Scenes". April 29, 2004

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