WHY RUSSIAN FLEET mighty ocean? — Chinese experts

WHY RUSSIAN FLEET mighty ocean? - Chinese experts 

Now mil.news.sina.com.cn portal published an article from an unnamed professional China State Institute of Defense, in which the creator reflects on why Our homeland began intensively to build warships for the Navy.
According to the plans, by 2020 Our motherland wants to build eight class SSBN «Northwind», by 2016 the Navy will receive 18 surface ships, six submarines and 30 boats for special purposes.
History of the Navy is part of the «powerful Russian nationalism and honor,» writes the creator. During the war, the USSR had a cool large submarine fleet for the U.S. confrontation and maintain its superpower status. But with the collapse of the country’s financial power RF significantly weakened, the navy was in stasis. Back in 2004, President Putin said that Russia would have to build new submarines and naval power to revive the country.
What strategic Our judgment is home to revive its own navy, asks himself the creator and their answers. In 1-x, Our homeland tends to restrain the expansion of NATO to the east, to strengthen and expand the scope of its own strategic interests. After the end of war cool Our homeland tried to keep its impact on the post-Soviet space, but the continuing decline in economic and military power has given the ability to achieve the desired result. Under the control of the U.S. NATO countries are moving to the east of Europe and have a constant pressure on the sphere of strategic interests of Russia. For this reason, Our homeland is in need of strengthening the capacity of the Black Sea and Baltic fleets and restore ocean fleet to counter the West.
In-2, Our homeland is in need of protecting their own interests in the far east of Asia, where the U.S. and Japan have stepped up their war effort. How old competitor of, the United States returned to the Asia-Pacific region to counter the growing power of China and immediately have a significant impact on the strategic interests of Russia in the region. Far East is a strategic rear of, which is far behind in its development. Noteworthy that the first-class SSBN «Northwind» will be part of the Russian Pacific Fleet.
B-3, Our homeland prepyadstviya experiences in the protection of strategic interests in other parts of the planet. Support Russia in 2011 to establish a no-fly zone over Libya has led to a «strategic loss» for the country. In the Syrian conflict Our homeland varies, but takes into account the lessons of the Libyan campaign. Our homeland because often sends its warships in the Mediterranean Sea and conducts military exercises there, showing their determination to resist Western interference in the Syrian conflict and protect its strategic interests in the country.
In general, sums up the creator, active modernization of the Russian Navy not only meet the aspirations of the Russian people, who look forward to the results of this work, but also will allow Moscow to protect its strategic interests «with greater force.» Mature domestic and foreign policy Putin returned to the Kremlin, the Russian Federation will help revive ship Navy fleet and achieve great success in this way, completes his conclusions creator.

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