Why the Maya built pyramids Devil?

July 30, 2012 17:15

On the wall of the construction was fashioned cross-eyed monster, blood-drinking.

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Above the town of El Maya in the jungles of Guatemala Soc American archaeologists led by Stephen Houston (Stephen Houston) of Brown University found a 13-meter pyramid Devil (Diablo Pyramid). At the top excavated ruins of the royal palace and tomb. Perhaps it belonged to one of the first rulers, who lived from 350 th to 400 AD.

 On the sides of the temple are five-foot stucco masks embodying a solar deity, which changes throughout the day its guises. When the disk of the sun rising over the horizon the Caribbean, it looks like a shark. At noon — an ancient cross-eyed monster, blood-drinking, and at sunset — jaguar, at dusk overlooking the coming night hunting in the jungle.
As the researchers suggest, this legendary night sun temple, built 1,600 years ago, personified the link between a pyramid buried under the ruler and god of the sun. Mayan sun god Kinich-Ahau, which, apparently, and was dedicated to the temple — one of the most ancient deities. He was revered as the lord of sunlight. And in his honor called the most distinguished leaders, writes pravda.ru.
In the culture of the Maya sun is closely linked with the concept of beginning, hence the hypothesis that human remains, buried in a tomb near the temple, belong to the first ruler of El Sotsa. Scientists believe that the Pyramid of the Devil — one of the most richly decorated buildings of ancient America. And future excavations will allow researchers to take a fresh look at the representation of the Maya of the heavenly deities, the solar luminary and its close ties with the rulers of the Maya and their dynasties.

Svetlana KUZINA


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