Wives in Saudi Arabia controls the electronics


23.11.12.Pravozaschitniki informed the public that in Saudi Arabia have introduced electronic control among married women. Husbands are to notify the movement of their spouse.

When crossing the border lady to submit documents and information about this immediately leaves his wife by SMS. After having the system, many saw in it an even greater violation of the rights of women.

In fact, the law of Saudi Arabia has long existed article regulating the issue of guardianship adult men wives, sisters and minor children and hired foreign workers. All of these people have no right to travel abroad unaccompanied by a guardian.

To date, the trustee was forced to issue a paper every time an exit permit if his team wanted to leave Saudi Arabia.

Introduction of electronic registration through the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has simplified the situation. A notorious SMS are just a confirmation that the person used the resolution of a ward and left the country.


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