Woke Volcano Costa Rica de la Vieja

Awakened volcano Rincon de la Vieja is located in the northern part of Costa Rica. Local media say the two eruptions recorded between 4:00 and 4:30 am on Thursday. 
In addition, seismologists have confirmed that in the crater of a volcano eruption had two this month, on Sunday, February 19 (12:16 am) and Monday February 20 (12:46 am).
The last time the volcano Rincon de la Vieja was active in September 2011, which was accompanied by a series of explosions.Rincon de la Vieja — the current stratovolcano in North America.Located in the northwest of Costa Rica, about 25 km from Liberia, in the province of Guanacaste. Elevation — 1916 m volcano has several craters.Has a large number of fumaroles and hot springs in the two areas on the slopes of the volcano. The first recorded eruption in 1765. The last eruption occurred in 1998.http://earth-chronicles.ru

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