Wonder snake with two heads born in the U.S.

November 2, 2011 23:07

Wonder snake with two heads

In central Florida born unusual snake — it had two heads, which is a rarity. Told the University of Central Florida biologist Daniel Parker, a few months ago, the Honduran milk snake eggs. When the specialist went to check the incubator, he was waiting for a big surprise. "I could not believe my eyes," — says Parker.

According to him, usually two-headed snakes have a different color. Thus, the two-headed albino snake — still a rarity, said "Globalist". "Perhaps this is the most beautiful ever existed two-headed snake" — enthuses biologist.

Wonder snake with two heads

In albino snake skin is not dark pigmentation, and shades of red, orange and white colors are particularly bright. "Two-headed snake in captivity live up to 20 years", — said Parker. — Given that two separate brain give commands to one body, life becomes quite bizarre. Of course, such a snake could not survive in the wild. "

Wonder snake with two heads

This summer, Yalta Zoo got an unusual snake with two heads. Wonder reptile brought from abroad. According to a correspondent of "UNIAN" zoo director Oleg Zubkov, biceps snake that is born one in a million individuals, settled in Yalta Zoo only the tourist season. Reptile menagerie took a loan from the Germans. Note that the last time such an instance was shown in Switzerland 20 years ago. "Interesting, unique animal with two heads, two brains, one stomach. One head is dominant, the other — a more passive. Eat at once. During feeding between the heads put a plastic spatula to one another has not eaten, "- said the director of the zoo. By the way, the insurance value of the snake is 50 thousand euro, note the "Ukrainian News".
Recall, in the spring of 2011, the Voronezh scientist settled cat named Lunt with five ears. Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, Histology and General Biology Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Voronezh State Agrouniversity Vladimir Scrappy spent many years studying physical anomalies animals. Of the local villages and the surrounding region bring him living exhibits worthy of cabinet of curiosities — a calf with two heads, tails, two hearts, lamb — Cyclops, chickens with four legs, conjoined twins — pigs, pig with a trunk, a colt with two noses and three eyes.
roshlym summer Obryvkovu friend told about the unusual kitten, lives in the Voronezh under the pipes outside dining in the Work Avenue. The scientist, who has never had a cat, I decided to take her — to science and to the delight of a nine-year son and six year old daughter. "The two main ears from her — normal, extra — mirrored, rotated 180 degrees," — says Scrappy. His unusually large cat paws is called acromegaly, the cheekbones — skin earrings, and on the lower eyelids — the islands in the form of wool pompons, write "Lipetsk regional news." According to the scientist, the whole of Russia such individuals — only two.

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