Wow: Russian scientists have refuted the theory of global warming


Prediction of continuous warming is not justified, the chairman of the Joint Scientific Council of Earth Sciences RAS Academician Dobretsov.

According to him, evidenced by the changes in the ice conditions in the Arctic: "A minimum of ice was in 2007, in 2008 — 2011., And, apparently, in 2012, the ice began to grow again, you can see the cold winters — in Arctic getting colder again. Therefore, what we are waiting for the continuous warming — it is obvious that it is a legend. "

In the next century, said Dobretsov ice in the Arctic will then increase, then decrease, respectively, the cooling will take turns warming.

"But around the end of the century will total cooling, not warming, so is a more modern outlook," — said the scientist, and emphasized that to improve the forecasting is necessary to develop a network of stationary Arctic stations.

"The Arctic — is not only a kitchen weather, but even here the most vulnerable place to be either as a result of cooling or warming suffer the most," — said the academician.

According Dobretsova one of these stations at the mouth of the Lena River, the island Samoilovsky will finish building in August 2012

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