Zhigulevskme Mountain — Man?

January 13, 2012 17:44

Scientists from Samara nongovernmental research organization "Avesta" nearly three decades studying anomalous phenomena that regularly occur in the vicinity Zhiguli Mountains. Explanation of such phenomena as it may seem, researchers regularly find in the … local folklore.

Samara Bend — a steep bend in the middle reaches of the Volga. Snapshot from space. Why make such a big river and a hook for millions of years to skirt this small mountain?

How did the Samara Bend

Scientists "Avesta" have now been collected a lot of evidence to the original hypothesis, the essence of which is as follows. Steep creek, located in the middle reaches of the Volga and Samara called Luke, owes its existence … engineering of extraterrestrial intelligence.

Here is what this president "Avesta" engineer Igor Pavlovich

— You never thought of such a geographical mystery: why the Volga River in its middle reaches suddenly need to bend around a small ring (of some one hundred kilometers long) zhigulevskogo mountain range? It would seem that the waters of the river, according to the laws of physics, rather than creating here such "loops" would have cut his way and head east Lada, in those places is now the bed of the river mustache. So in fact there — this tiny geographic standards mountain range, composed of soft limestone and dolomite, for the past million years, shows unprecedented resistance to every second impinging on it Volga waters …

"Avestovtsy" suggest that in the bulk Zhiguli mountains in deep water over millions of years of experience some technical device, created at the time of the ancient super-civilization. This device creates around itself a kind of force field that just impedes the flow of water flows through the mountain range. That is why the Volga for all these millions of years has to bend around Zhiguli Mountains, making in its middle reaches a strange bend in the form of a semicircle, which is now called Samara Luka.

Rather, this is a hypothetical geomashina a bunch of force fields — electromagnetic, gravitational, biological or other, we are not yet known. It is these fields for more than ten million years, and help Zhiguli limestone (which, as we know, are very susceptible to erosion by water) to keep a stable position of the ancient river bed, not allowing even a minor his removal.

The question is, why is it all of a hypothetical extraterrestrial civilization? Apparently, for millions of years without interruption worked underground power complex that fuels extradimensional canal linking their peace with the earth's surface. Such a channel could play a role of a camera, through which a distant civilization sees everything that happens on our planet. Proof — strange mirages that are regularly seen in the sky over the Samara Luke, for that matter, and on some other points of the planet.

Geological confirmation

According to Igor Pavlovich says Samara Aerospace University Associate Professor, Ph.D., analyst of the "Avesta" Sergei Markelov.

— Reading in one of the scientific journals published by the Moscow State University in 1962, an article about the geological structure of the Volga-Urals region, I found it strange layout. It showed a section of the Earth's layers in the Samara Bend, which were very similar to the contours of … a giant capacitor! Each easy to remember from school physics course, what's inside this electrical appliance: located between parallel metal plates accumulate electric charge, and its value is only limited by the breakdown strength of the gasket between the plates.

In the earth's crust under the Samara Luka role played by these plates placed in parallel electrically conductive layers, between which are limestones and dolomites. The size of this capacitor hit — its length is about 70 miles away! In fact, here we see a tangible expression of the very energy geomashiny, of which the above said Igor Pavlovich.

Calculations show that the plates "zhigulevskogo capacitor" can long exist with giant electric field strength parameters. If necessary, the electric charge can easily be spent on a variety of targets. By the way, as can be seen from the unit of the giant "instrument", not a single sensor located outside the "store" is not able to show the presence of electricity in the depths of the earth's crust in this region.

Geological evidence suggests that the existence of such a colossal underground capacitor — a unique phenomenon in the crust of the planet. None of the venerable geologists to this day has never met with a similar structure of the earth formations. You can, of course, talk about the natural origin of this unique geological object, but with equal probability, and we can argue about the role of the unknown reason in its appearance.

According to the hypothesis, the activity of a hypothetical underground geomashiny in Zhiguli Mountains, apparently, is in these places enigmatic phenomenon — hronomi-razhi. Local farmers have seen in the sky ghost town, castles in the air and flying islands hundreds of years ago, and during that time they laid the basis numerous tales and legends. Here is one of the descriptions of the collection of "Avesta":

"The clouds suddenly appeared a glowing square, and within an image of a stepped pyramid. It stood at some plateau steeply down. Observed under a mountain valley, crossed the river. In this case, the line of sight was tilted to the plane of the valley about 15 degrees. The impression was that the valley, the river and the pyramid seen from a plane flying at an altitude of 8-10 kilometers. "

The best known of these phenomena — the mirage of the Peace, which often tell tourists, vacationers and Molodetsky near Usinsk mounds. Other ghosts from the same series — Fortress five moons, White Church, Fata Morgana and others. These anomalies are sometimes observed among the vast lake mazes that stretch between the villages of Mordovia and Brusyany, in the south of the Samara Bend. According to observers, here at dawn before the astonished traveler may suddenly appear ghost town to a minute or two to disappear again.

Traces of the missing people

By all indications, a hypothetical extraterrestrial intelligence in the activity on the planet based on a certain human civilization, which, in exchange for the cooperation received from the aliens at the time incredible technical knowledge and unseen material, traces of which archeologists regularly find in the most unexpected places. What exactly was this collaboration and why they are necessary for extraterrestrial intelligence, researchers have yet to unravel.

However, aliens, as it turns out, is not always able to help his earthly partners. Thus, from the ancient tradition that the Samara Bend peninsula, almost surrounded by water, a few thousand years ago was the last stronghold of the great race of some worshipers. Pressed by hostile tribes, these people, after all, got to Zhigulevsky mountain, where were able to take safe shelter from persecution in remote caves and mountain gorges. Strange underground people, mention of which can be found in Zhiguli legends, apparently, is just to be remnants of the greatest ancient race, which for thousands of years has served alien intelligence.

For information about the mysterious civilization, very advanced for its time, and suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth, it is consistent with the lifetime of the Southern Urals, in what is now the Chelyabinsk region, a hypothetical town of Arkaim, which, apparently, was the largest cultural and economic center of this ancient people . For example, arkaimtsy thousands of years ago knew the metallurgical industry, which indicates the high level of their knowledge.

According to archaeological data, in the second millennium BC, Arch on the as yet unknown reason, just one day cease to exist. Following this, with expanses of the East European Plain quickly disappeared and gave rise to his mysterious civilization. It is the remnants of the tribes-worshipers, as expected, and took refuge in the caves of the Samara Bend to later to found the very underground race. However, this is again just a hypothesis.

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