02.04.12.Gibel fish in the Krasnoyarsk region. Video


2.04.12.Bolee 300 kilometers from Krasnoyarsk. Lake White. Unique nature. Its area is more than 7000 hectares. The water is so pure that summer streaked with silver. A popular place for fishermen. But now no tears will not look at the body of water. Everywhere dead sorozhka, carp, pike.

A pond was once fishery value. In the 80's there was KATEK and the lake was shallow. Instead of five meters is the depth at most two. But even so there were always plenty of fish.

Frozen lake thoroughly. As well as in the neighboring village Kosogol. And things nobody, tell the locals. "The wells are no boring already. Compressors do not make, to rock, as used to be, the water was pumped when rybuchastki were "- complains villager Beloshapkin Nikolai Kornilov.

People did not see anyone, but experts claim — wells drilled. Even oxygen measurements performed. The norm in the winter in one liter of water should be at least 10 milligrams of air. The lake is almost reached 5 milligrams.

"Given the fact that the ice is currently within a meter, and somewhere already and more, which is a layer of water — naturally small. Oxygen was scarce. Plus silt, hydrogen sulfide is released "- said the head of the department Chulym FSUE" Eniseyrybvod "Timothy Tretyakov.

The main cause of death of fish — the dam. Her burst last year. Water in time not later. Now flows in general no one regulates. Geographically, the lake is in Sharypovo area and dam refers to Uzhurskogo. Who should monitor the reservoir, the authorities can not understand. Refused to comment.

Unique nature, in fact, without a master. The only thing you hope to villagers — in the summer the pond has little to recover. But if you build a dam so no one will meet once a beautiful lake can turn into a vast swamp.

Natalia Danilina

Source: STRC "Kroasnoyarsk"

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