02.04.12.Massovaya fish kill in Moldova


CHISINAU, April 2 — News-Moldova, Victor Voskobojnik. In the mass death of fish ponds are guilty tenants, said on Monday told news agency Novosti-Moldova Deputy State Environmental Inspectorate of the Ministry of Environment Valentine Tsapish commenting massive fish kills in some lakes of the country.

"At the end of last week in some lakes Falesti, Orhei, Cahul, Leova and Comrat areas experienced massive fish kills, — said the agency ecologist. — Urgently water samples of water were sent for laboratory analysis to identify the possible source of contamination. However, the analysis showed — the water is normal. "

According to officials, the cause of the plague of mass fish lies in the excessive desire of tenants to save water. This winter, all the lakes are covered with a thick layer of ice. Oxygen supply was completely blocked, and the fish simply gasped. If would-be owners were allowed to go ice fishing enthusiasts fishing, as is done in ponds republican society of hunters and fishermen, the oxygen would be fed into the water through the work they have holes, explained the expert.

"In the end, it was possible to establish a reasonable fee for each gear or simply for access to fishing and the fishermen would have done for the owner of the lake all the necessary in severe cold, work. Rather than make money, ended up with a huge loss, "- stated Tsapish.

Only Falesti district lost about 400 tonnes of fish, Comrat — 300 tons, the losses in other areas specified, the inspector said.

"Once again I have to state elementary ignorance of some tenants reservoirs — expressed their views on the incident chief fisheries that department Iurie Ursu. — Do they have the required number of wells and then paste them into bundles of reeds — and no plague fish would not be. A lesson not only for producers of fish, but also for decision-makers of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry, in charge of the industry ", — he said.

Source: "News — Moldova"

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