02.04.12.Massovy fish kills in southern China


In southern China in the reservoir had a massive fish kills. Photo from epochtimes.com

2.04.12.V early March in the city of Dongguan in Guangdong Province reservoir experienced massive fish kills.

Waterworks administration as the main reasons were the weather conditions. Now conducted a thorough investigation and found that the cause of pollution is the release of waste water.

Yangcheng Evening News reports that the reservoir is interconnected with the largest lake in Songshan, a major source of water, there is also one waterworks Dalan. In early March, the reservoir experienced massive fish kills. One worker said that this is not the first massive fish kills in the reservoir, in the past year also killed many fish. Worker suggested, "… fish kills occurred because wastewater discharges three plants located in this area."

However, the administration of the waterworks Dalan does not think so, explaining fish kills like this: "Basically, this is due to the weather conditions, besides the fishermen spread their nets for fishing in a large area, also affects the aquatic environment and the time of year — every year with the the change of seasons, be it winter, spring, summer or fall, there will always be fish to die. "

The investigation revealed that the fish died because of water pollution, and the weather has nothing to do with it. Representative of management of water resources, said that there are three causes of mass plague fish in the reservoir. Are point sources of pollution, surface and internal sources of pollution, including four drainage, dumping large amounts of pollutants into the reservoir, leading to a reduction in water quality.

In January of this year because of the strong river Longjiang cadmium contamination in hydroelectric Hal also had a massive fish kills.


Point sources — are sources of pollution are concentrated in one place, such as chimneys, ventilation shafts, etc.

Lyudmila Demin

Source: The Epoch Times

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