08.08.12.Gibel pigeons in Kostroma



08.08.12.Vchera residents witnessed the eerie paintings in the city center.

At about 18.00 near the fire tower on the area fell to the pavement Susaninskaya six pigeons, the correspondent of the portal K1NEWS.RU. According to witnesses — the birds are literally died on the fly.

Walking area Kostroma not understand what was happening, some impressionable women even cried. "Eerie sight — go to the area, and right before you fall down dead birds" — said one of the women — eyewitnesses.

Parents are frightened children rushed to withdraw their children rather to the main square.

As commented at the Museum of Nature, birds instant death can be attributed to many factors. They may have died because of a disease, stroke power (really close a few wires hanging) or even extreme heat, which stands in the last few days. "The exact cause of death of the birds could just install only the blood," — stressed in a museum.

However, experts strongly recommend Kostroma to be careful with the pigeons, as they may be carriers of mass disease. After contact with birds should be sure to wash your hands with disinfectant.

Source: K1NEWS.RU

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