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21.08.11.Odno of these events were recorded recently in Kiev.

As the body of man is connected with his mind

How does our body and mind co-exist? Many times I have heard that thoughts have a feature implemented. Medicine has only recently beginning to understand how the mind affects the body. The placebo effect, for example, shows that a person who is deeply in the belief that he was taking medication to cure of various diseases. Ie by thought. How is it? Explanation yet.


No one can definitely say that UFOs exist, like the fact that it is not. unidentified people often referred to the fact that they can not identify, explain for himself. Yes, and how to overcome the vast distances to the Earth, who has such a power in the universe? Logic does not find an answer to this question. However, many cases of UFO sightings really defies explanation.


Unusual sounds, "settled" in Kiev, is haunted by the residents of the left bank of the capital of Ukraine. In 2007, in the Pacific Ocean was recorded underwater sound unusual, called Bloop. Its volume was so strong that it was recorded at a distance of up to 5 thousand miles.

Uploaded Soilpool, date: 19.01.2011

Reference from Wikipedia:

Bloop (in translation from English. — Howl, roar) — low frequency sound, repeatedly stated the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric problems (NOAA) in the summer of 1997. According to official statements by NOAA, the sound source is unknown.
The general character of the sound suggests that it has been issued a living being, but that there is a science known. Judging by the distance traveled by the sound, the creature must be enormous, much more than the blue whale.
Interestingly, the location of the sound source are located not far from 47 ° 09? w. sh. 126 ° 43? s. d (G) (O), which is a famous writer HP Lovecraft pointed to the underwater city of R'lyeh, where Cthulhu sleeps (horrible sea monster).


Yes, Bigfoot is in the English style called Sasquatch meanwhile nobody saw. However, there are proponents of the opposite view, that call themselves witnesses. There are many videos and photos of "evidence" to the huge creatures, like a man, though hairy. But where are the remains of a man, where he lives and how to reproduce? However, where did such big footprints that scientists have recorded? Puzzles remain unanswered.

Man Magnet

There are thousands, if not millions of people-magnets. They can attract ordinary metal. And not just relatively light spoons and forks, and the irons, and even metal doors. What is this? Is the body's ability is limitless?

Wailing wall

The Wailing Wall or Western Wall — part (length 485 m) retaining wall around the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, survived the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans in AD 70. e. Wall so named because people notice her tears. At least in certain of the faithful.

Matter and antimatter

Matter and antimatter annihilate each other. Thousands of tiny black holes scattered throughout our solar system. The temperature of the cosmic microwave background, or CMB-270S. Astronomers have discovered more than 500 extrasolar planets in the universe surrounding us. But the life they have not yet found. More is coming?

Bermudsky trikutnik

Area in the Atlantic Ocean, which allegedly are mysterious disappearances of ships and aircraft. The area is bounded by lines from Florida to Bermuda, then to Puerto Rico and back to Florida through the Bahamas. A similar "triangle" in the Pacific Ocean called the Devil.

Various hypotheses have been put forward to explain these disappearances from unusual weather events to UFO abductions. Skeptics argue, however, that the disappearance of ships in the Bermuda Triangle are no more likely than in other parts of the world ocean, and due to natural causes.

The dried salt lake Salar de Uyuni (Salar de Uyuni), Bolivia

Salar Salar de Uyuni (Salar de Uyuni) is perhaps the largest salt lake in the world. Dried salt lake area is about 10,582 square meters. km. The inner part of the lake is covered with a layer of ordinary table salt thickness of 2-8 m interested in is the fact that during the rainy Uyuni salt marsh covered with a thin layer of water, becoming the world's largest mirror.


A rare natural phenomenon, a unified physical theory of appearance and process which has so far not. There are about 200 theories to explain the phenomenon, but none of them won an absolute recognition in the academic environment. Under laboratory conditions, similar but managed to get a short-term phenomenon in several different ways.

But the nature of natural ball lightning is an open question. At the end of XX century was not created by a single experienced stand, where the scale of a natural phenomenon artificially reproduced a description of the identity of witnesses fireball.

It is widely believed that ball lightning — the phenomenon of electrical origin, natural world, that is, which is a special kind of lightning, existing for a long time and having the shape of a ball that can navigate the unpredictable, sometimes very surprising to witness the trajectory.

Mark Wisniewski

Source: DELFI.ua

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