11.05.12.Gibel fish in the Ukrainian river Seret. Video


11.05.12.V Siret River in Ternopil massive fish die. During the second day in a direction Terebovlya is dead goldfish, tadpoles, pike, bream, gudgeon and the Red Book verezubov.

People catch lifeless sacks demolished home. The first stream of dead fish farmers noticed yesterday afternoon.

Mor mass in the river caused by leakage of waste water — suggest experts. According to preliminary information, some periodically discharged into the sewer unknown substance. Now looking for the source and the polluter.

"That concentration wastewater, which was designed treatment facilities, in excess exceeded. Moreover, now we have the influence of a yet unknown factor that has a negative impact on the work of activated sludge ", — said the director of the municipal enterprise" Ternopolvodokanal "Vladimir Kuzma.

How many fish have died — is still unknown. But it is already clear: the damage to the environment — serious. Ichthyologists assure that the natural balance will be restored over the years.

"Killed big fish fry died, because now spawning season. Therefore, it does not spawn as needed. To restore the stocks you need at least 5-6 years to completely, then more "- adds a leading ichthyologist, Head of the use of aquatic resources play" Ternopolgosriboohrana "Inna Goc.

The circumstances of mass plague finds special check. The environmentalists urge people not in any case is not a fish — it is dangerous to health.

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11.05.12.Na the last two days has been fixed fact of dumping pollutants in sewage treatment plants KP "Ternopilmiskvodokanal," which led to the mass death of fish in the river Seret. This was reported in the State Ecological Inspectorate Ternopol region.

Contamination has occurred in the villages B. Berezovitsa Island, Butsniv further downstream. Therefore, fish start to die. To identify the sources of pollution, the department instrumental laboratory control Gosekoinspektsii of spent samples of wastewater that discharge from wastewater treatment plants KP "Ternopilmiskvodokanal" in Seret.

Gosekoinspektsiya conjunction with the General Administration of Fisheries and fisheries management in the region is carried out partial settlement of fish that died. Now the materials processed.

This is not the first case of mass death of fish in the Ukrainian waters. In 2009, in one of the ponds in Luhansk found 20,000 dead goldfish and carp. In the same year in the Dnieper in Cherkasy region resulting from the disposal of waste water mass was dying fish.

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Great Berezovitsya (eko.katastrofa on r.Seret)

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