11.07.12.V lake fish died in the Kiev region. Video


11.07.12.Massovaya fish kill near the capital. On the lake near the village of Paul Borshchagovka every day to pull out a few bags of dead fish. This is not the only local reservoir, where you can cool off in this heat. Which could lead to the Moru? Versions collected Yuri Mamon.

Now to this lake and would not want to go, in every tree ad ban swimming, and the stench is terrible. The fact that on the eve of these shores were covered with dead fish, like the smell and somewhere floating belly-up carp. All the rest were removed, local public utilities.

Aleksandr Rakov, Office Improvement Paul Forums:

— We worked with the team. Four people, that's Uncle Sanya also assistant and two others also went to the bank collected.

Every day they are collected from two to three bags of fish. And the causes of mass death locals have only version.

Igor Parshin, resident Paul Forums:

— Electricity hit, loved. What is the night to come luponut and all gather that surfaced once and all.

Vladimir Pinkivsky, resident Paul Forums:

— Elektronmash once and go down there a different nonsense, but it can, right now, there is no plant. So after factory gallop more garages. Along the river walk, look — there's one floating debris. If the water to be barefoot leg, you have to wash the powder good to wash your feet.

There is another hypothesis, it is followed in the village council. Allegedly due to the heat wave the fish did not have oxygen.

Alexander Obolonsky, deputy chairman of the executive committee of the Petropavlovsk-Borshagovka Village Council:

— I called yesterday sanitation center to come and take water tests and that's it, everything is working on it. But, the fact is that I say — this is a natural phenomenon.

There is a logical question, why in other bodies of water with fish all right? The answer is to give sanitary station. If you find harmful substances in the water, then write a letter to the prosecutor's office, said the village council.
Yuriy Mamon, Valentine Bєlіch, News, Channel "Іnter"

Source: TV details

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