13.07.12. The death of the rabbits in the Urals. Video


13.07.12.V Beloyarsky district alarmed all veterinarians. It had a massive case of rabbits. Farmers are huge losses. Disease that affects animals — not treated, they just die. Infected several settlements.
Benjamin learned to identify a sick animal eyes. No other signs: rabbits behave normally and die obscure death. The farm animals killed 40 men, usually effective folk remedies have not delivered.

For forty years, the rabbit is the first of Benjamin. However, this is not the limit: a neighbor killed 100 rabbits by about 50 thousand rubles. Dozens of animals are dying all over the village, carcasses are taken every day bags. The same thing happens in Beloyarsk, already 30 kilometers from Gryaznovskogo.
Rabbit tenderness with the latest survivors. The farm Marina had 70 goals, left — 6, and all females. After the start of the plague woman rushed to buy the vaccine, but it is already dismantled.

Veterinarians say it haemorrhagic disease, and if the animals vaccinated every six months, mass deaths could have been avoided. Now, the infection spreads with incredible speed.
In the veterinary clinic explain that, most likely, the majority of farmers have pursued "Two Hares" — and rabbits to earn, and the vaccine saved. By the way, one vaccine costs only eight rubles. Hemorrhagic disease outbreak in Sverdlovsk region did not record the last 20 years. But, here's what happened: death — wholly and treatment is available, and the sick animal lives only a day or two after infection. It only remains prevention.

For other animals and humans, the disease is not dangerous, but it is necessary to take action: the agent can survive even in the hats and coats of rabbit skins, and come back to the farm at any time.

Source: Channel 4 Yekaterinburg

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