16.04.12.Gibel fish in the Orenburg region. Video


16.04.12.Na shore artificial lake, called by the people "of Ai zapretkoy" who came to look at the white swans floating gaychanin, found a lot of dead fish.

The photo and video footage, which he handed over the site "in Gaya. Ru" is seen as a dead fish — big carp, pike and carp, as well as their young, the more profits to the banks of the pond. According to him, the deaths, most likely occurred because of the winter freeze, because no one bother to cut down on the lake hole and the hole for the water fed oxygen. From his lack of fish suffocated and died.

Very soon, as soon as the last ice melted, sit here with a fishing rod will come many gaychane. That's just the old catch them is unlikely to get it, because no one cared about the future of fish trophies in the winter.

Source: In Gaya. Ru

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Guy — A city in Russia, administrative center of Hai district of Orenburg region. Population — 40,3 thousand people (2010). The city is located in the southern Urals, 26 km from Iriklinskoe Reservoir (on the Ural River), the 234.21 km from Orenburg.

Photo from: vgae.ru

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