18.07.12.Gibel fish in the River Forest


18.07.12.Srazu several readers "BG" said the editor, that weekend they saw on the River Forest unusual fish kills. "In the near Kamenetz and Ostromechevo almost all fish povsplyvala belly up", — said Vasily fisherman.

We asked for a comment to Brest oblkomitet natural resources and environmental protection. As explained by the head of the state control over the protection and use of land, flora and fauna Vladimir Revyako, River Forest was actually recorded fish kills, but it happened a little earlier — at the beginning of July: "Two weeks ago, in the forest, near the village of Borok Naked Kamenetz area, kill phenomena observed, which was associated with low oxygen content in the water.

July 6 oxygen in this region was 0.9 mg per 1 cm3, and the rate — 5-6 mg. " He added that any discharges to water was not. The fact is that due to heavy rains in the river and drainage channels has increased the water level, and it flooded the bushes on the shore. Then decaying vegetation consumed all the oxygen out of the water and the fish was simply nothing to breathe. Align oxygen balance could force reset the water level.

A similar phenomenon ecologists freeze every year. But all that is left for them — is to count the damage. After all guilty of this situation, only changeable weather.

The expert is confident that this time the fishermen observed residual effects: "This weekend nothing could be because our lab tests say that the oxygen was at — 6 mg and above. And the weather is favorable. Maybe the dead fish from the reeds povsplyvala. At least, we did not receive any signals. "

Author: Jeanne Sidoruk

Source: Brest Newspaper

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